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Fundamentals uses the actual product – cloud hosted, on-demand, and with its own event generator – no need to configure anything! Fundamentals walks through use cases like Routing and Data Reduction, and through important concepts like sources, destinations, routes, pipelines, and functions.

Launch Stream Fundamentals

This 30-minute course walks through a simple use case of connection a Splunk Universal Forwarder to S3. With this technique, Stream makes it affordable to store much larger volumes of data in more affordable destinations like S3.

Launch Affordable Log Storage in S3

This 30-minute course walks through ad-hoc data collection, which can replay data from low-cost storage.

Launch Data Collection

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Packs Dispensary

Packs are like the easy button to share configurations and workflows across multiple worker groups or organizations for common sources to common destinations and for specific use cases. You can roll your own to share with the community or check out the ones already "packed up" and ready to go.

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