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Manufacturing and Logistics

Unify data for true business resilience

Manage large amounts of data coming from different sources, respond faster to security threats, and improve visibility to optimize production in manufacturing and logistics.


Get choice and control with your data. Plus some.

Everyone in manufacturing and logistics needs to invest in technology to find insights that scale their business. Managing the intimidating growth of IT and security data actually helps them understand their whole business and thrive. But it’s not sustainable to manage an expanding list of sources, source protocols, industry standards, and regulations. It’s not scalable either. We have a solution.
Manufacturing and Logistics

The world’s leading manufacturers trust Cribl

Customer Testimonial

How data tool neutrality accelerated SIEM POCs with Cimpress

Cribl helped them streamline their SIEM migration by making it easy to transform, filter, and manage all their data.

Cribl allowed us to be agile and to avoid vendor lock-in.


Manufacturing and Logistics

Data growth headaches? Nope, not today. Not ever.

Efficiently handle the influx of data from multiple locations and new sites by collecting, analyzing, and transforming data in-flight, then route it to the best tool for the job.

Assess and respond to IT/OT threats faster

Secure your front - and back-end data with accurate threat assessments. Use real-time data to assess emerging risks, respond faster, and reduce MTTR and asset downtime. And rest easy.

Control rising data volumes to lower costs

Data grows faster than your budget, so let’s ingest less. How? Remove duplicate fields, null values, and other pointless elements. It’s a data diet.

Enhance visibility: See more to make wiser choices with your data

Gain visibility across your industrial assets, sites, and systems. Easily correlate events, analyze deeply, and spot anomalies. Data makes you smarter.

Customer Testimonial

Discover the story behind Rolls-Royce's SIEM transformation using Microsoft Sentinel and Cribl

Rolls-Royce modernized their SIEM with cloud-native, AI-powered Microsoft Sentinel, accelerating threat detection and response, while streamlining tool and data management with Cribl.

We were pretty much blind. We didn’t know the true value and true throughput of what we were receiving and ingesting into the SIEM platform. So when we brought Cribl in it was like turning on a switch and getting full visibility.

White Paper

IT and Security trends that shape your 2024

Let’s move at the speed of your business and efficiently manage your unique data obstacles. Explore the IT and Data Security trends of 2024 that may shape the trajectory of your business.



Get logs, metrics, and traces from any source to any destination. Cribl consistently adds new integrations so you can continue to route your data to and from even more sources and destinations in your toolkit. Check out our integrations page for the complete list.

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