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Amazon Web Services + Cribl:
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Maximize your AWS investment. Regain choice and control over your data,
without requiring new agents or collectors.


Reliable observability in the cloud at scale

The cloud is kind of a big deal these days. Many companies are going all-in on the cloud, mixing and matching on-prem and cloud setups, or planning to make the big migration. If your organization is looking to optimize those resources and set yourself up for long-term success, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is where it’s at. The flexibility, the cost-savings, the reliability – it’s a no-brainer. But here’s the thing – now you need a data processing engine that can keep up with your cloud game. Something that matches the power and flexibility of AWS, you know?

Data is growing at

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However, budgets remain constrained. How can enterprises retain years of data needed for investigations and compliance?

Cribl and AWS

The rise of security data lakes

Learn about improving interoperability and the benefits of open standards adoption with Clint Sharp, CEO and Co-Founder, Cribl and Ryan Orsi, WW Head of Cloud Foundations Partners, AWS.


Cribl on AWS

Accelerate cloud migration

Seamlessly and securely migrate on-premises workloads to a cloud environment – without worrying about dropping or losing data.

Replay Data from Amazon S3

Meet compliance requirements by routing a full fidelity data copy to an S3 bucket, then replay those logs ad hoc or on schedule to any analytics tool.

Route, Transform, and Enrich Security Data

Route data from any source, transform it into any format including OCSF, send it to Amazon Security Lake, then replay it to a SIEM tool of choice.

Perform ‘Search-in-Place’ Queries

Perform federated “search-in-place” queries on any data, in any format, at any location, increasing the scope of analysis for more effective data utilization.

Simplify and Scale Kubernetes Environments

Easily share EKS data between security and operations, optimize data collection, and route to multiple destinations with Cribl Edge.

Optimize Data Volume

Cleaning up valuable CloudTrail audit and VPC Flow logs by up to 50% to improve data quality and improve system performance.


Cribl and Amazon Security Lake

Increase flexibility and make your security solutions data accessible with Cribl and Amazon Security Lake. Ingest data from any cloud, on-premises, and custom sources, then seamlessly transform it into OCSF (Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework) and route it to AWS’ purpose-built data lake that centralizes your security data.


Cribl Solutions Available on AWS Marketplace

Cribl Stream AMI

Meet the robust solution for centralized data processing, enrichment, and distribution. Get ready to maximize operational intelligence and streamline analytics workflows!

Cribl Stream Container

Revolutionize containerized data handling with Cribl Stream: Agile, scalable solutions for comprehensive data optimization and analysis in dynamic environments.

Cribl Edge for EKS Add-On

Cribl Edge as an EKS add-on allows developers to easily share EKS data between security and operations, optimize data collection, and route to multiple destinations.


Cribl.Cloud is a unified SaaS platform, offering a dedicated Stream, Edge, and Search environment that you can start using immediately. Cribl takes care of infrastructure, scaling, and security — making this the fastest and easiest way to realize the value of your Cribl data engine.

Professional Services

Leverage Cribl Professional Services to help optimize your Stream, Edge, and Search environment.

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