AWS + Cribl: Better Together

Moving workloads to the cloud isn’t easy. Let Cribl do the heavy lifting so you can spend your time and energy focused on innovating at scale.

Reliable Observability in the Cloud, at Scale

The cloud already plays a huge role in the way data is architected today, with many companies running completely in the cloud, supporting hybrid architectures, or considering migrating workloads to the cloud.

Organizations that want to optimize their resources while planning for long-term success are choosing Amazon Web Services (AWS), because of its flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and reliability. These same enterprises now need an observability tool to match.

The Cribl suite of products introduces essential parts of observability to customer environments, providing a pipeline that works with all tooling, optimizes the quality of data consumption, and scales with any team. With routing, shaping, enriching, and search-in-place functionalities, Cribl products complement AWS solutions to make data more manageable so you can easily clean up data, get it where it needs to be, work more efficiently, and ultimately gain the confidence you need to adopt the cloud on time and under budget.

Cribl On AWS Use Cases

Accelerate Cloud Migration

Seamlessly migrate cloud workloads without worrying about dropping or losing data.

Replay Data from Amazon S3

Route a full fidelity copy of your data to an S3 bucket for low-cost, long term storage, then replay those logs ad hoc or on schedule to any analytics tool.

Route and Enrich Security Data

Route data from any source, transform it into any format including OCSF, send it to a security data lake, then replay it to a SIEM tool of choice.

Aggregate VPC Flow Logs

Aggregate voluminous VPC Flow logs into summary metrics, optimizing data insights you need for day-to-day ops

Optimize CloudTrail Data

Cleaning up valuable CloudTrail audit logs by up to 50% to improve searches and analysis.

Perform ‘Search-in-Place’ Queries

Perform federated “search-in-place” queries on any data, in any format, at any location, increasing the scope of analysis for more effective data utilization.

Cribl.Cloud is now listed on AWS Marketplace

Let Cribl take care of the infrastructure management and scaling. Use AWS spend commitment to try, buy, and consume Cribl products in Cribl.Cloud and easily track billing and usage directly on AWS Marketplace.

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Cribl Solutions Available on AWS Marketplace

AWS Quick Start Guide

The Quick Start guide was created by Cribl to help automate the deployment of Cribl Stream in your AWS environment. These automated reference deployments use AWS CloudFormation templates to deploy EC2 instances, IAM policies, and S3 buckets – following AWS best practices.

Single Node Deployment

Leverage Cribl Stream in a single instance to test out some use cases or to collect a small amount of data (>100GB/day) on a single node.

Distributed Deployment

Cribl Stream will be deployed in your AWS environment with a leader node for configurations, worker nodes to process and route the data, and an S3 bucket to send some of your data.

SaaS Environment

Cribl.Cloud provides you with a dedicated Stream, Edge, and Search environment that you can start using immediately. Cribl takes care of the infrastructure management and scaling – making this the fastest and easiest way to realize the value of an observability ecosystem.

Professional Services

Leverage Cribl Professional Services to help optimize your observability pipeline with Cribl Stream to get data from any source and route, reduce, enrich or shape it to any destination.

Pay As You Go AMIs

Pay as you go lets you download and consume a Stream license on an hourly or monthly basis. You can even pay for an annual contract. Private offers are available for annual contracts as well.

AWS Competencies and Validations

Case Studies

“We’re ingesting data coming from S3, AWS Kinesis Data Firehose, Cloudwatch, RDS, Kafka, SQS, so it is now our preferred and main method for data integration.”

Mina Yacoub
Autonomics and Analytics Engineering Lead


FINRA uses Stream to enhance VPC flow logs as they arrive from AWS - without increasing the cost or complexity of their environment

“We run all of our Cribl deployment in our AWS GovCloud environment.”

Gared Seats
Security Engineer

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