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AWS + Cribl: Better Together

As you migrate your services to the AWS Cloud, let Cribl LogStream help get you there safely and efficiently. Cribl’s purpose built LogStream observability pipeline can collect data from any source, route, enrich, reduce and shape the data to any destination.

What can you do with AWS and Cribl?

Route Data to S3 buckets

VPC Flow Logs to Metrics

CloudTrail data reduction

Enrich VPC Flow and CloudTrail data

Replay Data from Amazon S3

Solutions on the Marketplace

AWS Quick Start Guide

The Quick Start guide was created by Cribl to help automate the deployment of Cribl LogStream in your AWS environment. These automated reference deployments use AWS CloudFormation templates to deploy EC2 instances, IAM policies, and S3 buckets, following AWS best practices.

Get Started
Single Node Deployment

Leverage Cribl LogStream in a single instance to test out some use cases or to collect a small amount of data (>100GB/day) on a single node.

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Distributed Deployment

Cribl LogStream will be deployed in your AWS environment with a master node for configurations, worker nodes to process and route the data and an S3 bucket to send some of your data.

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Professional Services

Leverage Cribl Professional Services to help optimize your observability pipeline with Cribl LogStream to get data from any source and route, reduce, enrich or shape it to any destination.

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Pay as you go AMI’s

Pay as you go lets you download and consume a LogStream license on an hourly or monthly basis. You can even pay for an annual contract. Private offers are available for annual contracts as well.

Pay as you go options

April 2, 2021

Solution Brief: Future-proof your Business with Cribl LogStream + Amazon Web Services

Together, Cribl LogStream and Amazon Web Services enable companies of all sizes to plan for the road ahead, regardless of the amount of data they have, the solutions they use today, or the tools they may turn to in the future.

LogStream Data Reduction
February 18, 2021

Solution Brief: LogStream Data Reduction

Reducing the volume of your observability data can help you control license compliance, reduce your infrastructure budget, and improve the performance of your analytics tools. Cribl LogStream helps you get control over increasing data volumes by letting you trim unused data. Data that has little to no analytical value can account for as much as 50% of your data. You should never pay to ingest, analyze, or store data that doesn’t help you solve your observability or security challenges. Cribl LogStream helps you tune out the noise and focus on the signal.

January 8, 2021

Product Demo Webinar: Route, Replay, and Re-deliver

Looking to streamline your next breach investigation? In this webinar, learn how to route data to vendor-neutral or low-cost mass storage, bring it back into LogStream when needed, and re-deliver it to a new destination.

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