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Make Splunk a slam dunk
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Optimize Splunk performance with Cribl to maximize your infrastructure and investments.


Up level your data management for operational awesomeness

If you’re using Splunk, you know the struggle of managing all that data – it’s a lot to handle, am I right? Your team wants to make the whole data ingestion process as smooth as silk, improve the quality of that data so your analysis is on point, and find solutions that play nice with your current setup without causing a big ol’ disruption. Simplifying all that— while maintaining technical depth and ensuring data security— is key for operational efficiency and insightful analytics.

Data is growing at

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Yet, budgets are tight. How do enterprises retain the years of data they need for compliance and investigations without breaking the bank?

Cribl and Splunk

Drive your data ops forward even as your roadmap changes.

The Cribl suite of products powers key use cases for IT and Security teams in data collection, processing, and querying telemetry data. Together, Cribl and Splunk streamline IT and Security workflows, enhancing data collection, analysis, and insights while flexing with industry standards.
Unlock Radical Levels of Choice & Control with Cribl
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Boost data efficiency with Cribl and Splunk

Optimize data ingest

Efficiently manage data ingestion to fit budgets with smart routing for maximum ROI.

Ease strain on your infra

Use Cribl to reduce infrastructure load, enhancing performance while cutting costs. Trimming the fat and saving you some cash.

Control workload costs

Control costs with Cribl's data management, avoiding unexpected pricing spikes. Who doesn't love saving money?

Simplify Splunk Cloud

Cribl simplifies Splunk to Splunk Cloud migrations and ensures data integrity, enabling a smooth transition - no sweat!

Migrate with confidence

When Cribl powers your migration, you can ensure a smooth transition from Splunk to Splunk Cloud and sleep easy at night.

Integrate data fast

QuickConnect further simplifies data flow between Splunk and Cribl Stream.

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Team TransUnion enhances data operations

We get to say ‘yes’ more often without diverting from our team’s mission.

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