Cribl Use Case:
Accelerate Cloud Migration

Move workloads to the cloud without dropping or losing data

The Challenge:

Moving workloads, applications, and tooling to the cloud is a huge and difficult undertaking. Teams tasked with reconfiguring architectures and data flows struggle with ensuring parity and visibility in the cloud. Cloud costs are high, but security and compliance risks are even higher.

The Solution:

Cribl’s suite of products help you gain the control and confidence you need to successfully migrate to the cloud. With routing, shaping, enriching, and search functionalities, data becomes more manageable, and allows you to work more efficiently. By routing data from existing sources to multiple destinations, you can ensure data parity in your new cloud destinations, before turning off your on-premises (or legacy) analytics, monitoring, storage or database products and tooling. Cribl can reduce costs significantly by putting Cribl Stream worker nodes inside of your cloud — be it AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform (GCP) — to reduce latency, and effectively compress and move the data to manage and reduce egress charges.

Use Cases


Route data to multiple destinations in any cloud provider — hybrid or on-prem for analysis and/or storage.


Prepare data for expected destination schema to reduce overhead of preparing and tagging data after ingestion or in each destination.


Send only relevant data and fields to cloud tools. Reduce data by 30% to save on cost and license headroom.

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Validate Your Migration, Every Step of the Way

Let Cribl steer you toward a smooth cloud migration journey. Enjoy the scalability, flexibility, agility, and reliability your business needs to succeed in the future.

“Cribl enabled Domino’s to significantly simplify their onboarding architecture and speed up their process for getting data in. In evaluating multiple solutions, we found that Cribl Stream was the only solution that could reduce, enrich, mask, and encrypt our data in flight, right out of the box, and that was a requirement for us to meet GDPR and and other compliance requirements for our international franchisees. Domino’s also uses Cribl Stream to route data to multiple destinations, which was instrumental to help us confidently and securely migrate to the cloud.”

Cribl and AWS together can help you speed up cloud migration

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