Microsoft Azure + Cribl: Better Together

Onboard non Azure-native data to your Microsoft tool stack, and optimize it for enhanced visibility and efficiency.

Accelerate Modernization with Microsoft Azure

Organizations choosing Azure for its convenience, cost efficiency, and seamless integration with Microsoft’s extensive range of services face the complexity of managing hybrid deployments and dealing with a multitude of on-premises data while transitioning to the cloud.

Cribl’s suite of products simplify this complexity. With Cribl, customers can easily migrate workloads to Microsoft Azure and efficiently route, optimize, enrich, and transform their observability and security data to the best tools for the job.

Cribl provides the freedom to seamlessly move data wherever needed, serving as the plumbing infrastructure between legacy environments and a modernized, digitally transformed organization.

Scalable and Resilient Data Collection

Whether you’re unlocking data from proprietary third party formats and onboarding new sources to Microsoft Sentinel and Azure Blob Storage, or enriching Office 365 and Windows Event logs, teams can effortlessly scale data for the cloud without worrying about data loss or compatibility with existing tools.
On-Demand Webinar

Edward Jones Case Study: Scaling our Security Platform with Azure, Cribl and SRA

Learn how Edward Jones modernized their SOC and migrated data to Azure Data Explorer and Sentinel, achieving accelerated migration to cloud, increased threat detection capabilities, better alignment across the business, and more!

Cribl on Azure Use Cases

Simplify Data Onboarding

Onboard data with ease from third party sources into your Azure environment to enhance security decision-making with additional context – without the need to configure to EventHub.

SIEM Augmentation with Sentinel

Selectively route data from your legacy SIEM platforms while they’re still running to Microsoft Sentinel. No licensing term changes or new agents required.

Accelerate Migration to the Cloud

Hit migration timelines by seamlessly onboarding data into Azure, whether it’s hybrid or on-premises, for analysis and/or storage. Adjust architectures and data flows to ensure parity in the cloud before cutting over from on-premises or legacy analytics tooling.

Optimize Log Volumes

Enrich voluminous Windows Events with more context for enhanced security insights. Remove nulls and duplicates to create headroom for additional data sources for enhanced visibility and reduced downstream infrastructure requirements.

Cost-Efficient Long-Term Storage

Separate systems of retention from systems of analysis, and route a full-fidelity copy to Azure Blob Storage to maintain compliance. Replay data in an open format to any destination.

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