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Unlock your security analysts’ full potential with Cribl and Exabeam

Better visibility for faster threat detection, investigation, and response.


Goodbye data chaos. Hello security excellence.

Security teams often struggle with managing extensive security log data and integrating advanced SIEM. The challenge? Efficiently routing data to multiple destinations, minimizing storage costs, and getting visibility for effective threat detection. It’s crucial for these teams to streamline these processes, accelerate SIEM adoption, and bolster response, all while balancing data management with cost-effectiveness for robust security operations.

Data is growing at

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Yet, budgets are tight. How do enterprises retain the years of data they need for compliance and investigations without breaking the bank?
Cribl and Exabeam

Accelerate new technology adoption and improve TDIR

The Cribl suite of products offers added control and flexibility over telemetry data, giving security teams the ability to filter out low-value data, optimize storage, and enable efficient ingestion into Exabeam. Together, Exabeam and Cribl unlock improved visibility into relevant data sets, streamlining TDIR.


Unleashing Data Potential with Cribl and Exabeam

Route security data to multiple destinations

Efficiently direct your security data to the right tools and destinations without disrupting your existing infrastructure or data flow. Ensure seamless integration and data management.

Get diverse data into Exabeam

Bring together data from diverse sources into the Exabeam platform. Gain expanded visibility to swiftly detect and respond to security threats and abnormal activities.

Accelerate new-scale SIEM adoption

Enhance your New-Scale SIEM investment with Cribl. Achieve seamless integration and operation, ensuring your security systems are robust and uninterrupted.

Enhance threat detection with enrichment

Enrich incoming data before it reaches the Exabeam Security Operations platform. Quick identification of threats becomes easier with enriched, context-heavy data.

Mask and shape PII for compliance

Use Cribl to mask sensitive data in transit, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. Front-end your Exabeam setup with Cribl for enhanced data privacy.

Optimize costs and improve performance

Reduce storage costs and improve downstream performance by using Cribl to streamline log file attributes. Efficient data handling leads to cost-effective operations.

Customer Success Story

Build a scalable cyber security operations center

Cribl allowed us to take 30 data feeds and fork them to both [Exabeam] and [our] old platform, while simultaneously allowing us the time and energy to stand up a brand new architecture.

Days to build a fully functional CSOC

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