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Nobody puts high-value data in a corner.

Prioritize valuable insights by freeing up space from noisy data. Boost data quality and operational efficiency with smart filtering and enrichment.

The Challenge

Navigate the data deluge

In today’s data-driven world, organizations face the challenge of collecting and sorting through vast amounts of less useful data. This surplus of data not only consumes storage but also hides key insights, making it hard to find and use important information. The main challenge lies in efficiently filtering out this excess data, focusing on valuable insights, and managing storage and costs effectively without impacting performance.

The Solution

Gain total telemetry control with Cribl

Make room for data that matters.

Be a smooth operator

Efficiently handle data coming from multiple sources, streamlining your operational processes. This approach consolidates and simplifies data management, allowing for faster, more accurate decisions based on a unified data perspective.

Get the lowdown from your high-value data

Focus on high-value data to make the most of your storage space. This strategy reduces costs and improves data quality, leading to sharper insights and a stronger, more targeted data strategy.

Park your valuable data in front for a better view

Give priority to crucial data in your analysis to drive strategic business decisions. This focus streamlines your operations, sharpens your competitive edge, and leads to more informed decision-making.

Turn up the volume on what matters

Minimize data noise to enhance clarity and focus in your analytics. Filtering out unnecessary data highlights critical information, improving your business intelligence and decision-making capabilities.

Customer Success Story

Vodafone expands key team capabilities with Cribl

We use Stream for multiple use cases... My customers are looking to have their data in a specific structure for their dashboard; to add useful context and remove useless data.

key team capabilities expanded— troubleshooting, operations, incident response, and SLA management

Cribl works with any vendor,
so you can too.

Get logs, metrics, and traces from any source to any destination. Cribl consistently adds new integrations so you can continue to route your data to and from even more sources and destinations in your toolkit. Check out our integrations page for the complete list.

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