Cribl Stream Use Case:
Replay Data From Low-Cost Storage

Keep all the data you might need someday – affordably – for as long as you need it

The Challenge:

The majority of observability data needs to be kept “just in case” – meeting compliance requirements, longer-term, unexpected investigations, or understanding different events’ impact on a customer experience. Keeping this “just in case” data can be very expensive, especially if it’s retained in your analytics tools. You need a way to retain more data, for longer time, without blowing out your infrastructure budget.

The Solution:

Meeting complex compliance requirements, successful security breach forensics, and business scenario analysis all have something in common: they are easiest if you store as much data as possible for as long as possible. But keeping all data in “hot” or even “warm” storage is expensive, especially storage that backs SIEMs and UEBA tools. Stream lets you route a full-fidelity copy of raw data to low-cost storage — and then, with a couple keystrokes, retrieve and “replay” it to analytics tools to answer questions you didn’t predict ahead of time.

Knowing what data you might need ahead of time is impossible, but using Stream means you don’t have to have a crystal ball–keep it all and stream back only what you need, when you find out you need it.

Solution Benefits:

Key Features of Stream

Play It Again, SAN

Collect your data, or a subset of it and re-shape it for any destination on-demand. Store any or all of your data in lower-cost object storage such as cloud storage and data lakes and then replay that data back to your analytics tool of choice, at any level of fidelity you choose – without paying an ongoing cost for faster storage or expensive specialty tools.

Advanced Cryogenics: Ditch Your Tape Backup

With Stream, you have blazing fast, just-in-time access to all your data without having to pay to keep it stored in expensive analysis tools. Instead, you can freeze that huge brain in a jar until you need it, then bring it online quickly to answer your deepest questions as they occur to you.

Cribl paves the way as MIAX expands state-of-the-art exchange offerings

The MIAX Exchange Group is the newest multi-exchange operator in the US, currently running three Options Exchanges trading OCC-issued standardized options on equities & ETFs, and a cash equity exchange. It deployed Stream to stay ahead of the curve when bringing on new exchanges.