LogStream Adds New QuickConnect feature, Cloud Upgrades, GitOps, and More

Nick Tankersley
Written by Nick Tankersley

October 12, 2021

It’s been a busy Summer and Fall at Cribl. Since our August updates to LogStream, we’ve been hard at work getting ready for our most significant set of releases to date! LogStream Cloud Enterprise will be available on October 18th, and additional LogStream enhancements will be available in the coming weeks.

Update: LogStream 3.2 is now available!

LogStream Cloud Enterprise

We launched LogStream Cloud in June of this year, and the response from new and existing customers has been incredible. Every day we see more organizations adopting Cloud to speed up time to value for deploying and using LogStream.

As Head of Product for LogStream, it’s exciting to talk to all our happy LogStream users — particularly the LogStream Cloud users– who would have missed out on LogStream in the past simply because they focus on cloud/SaaS environments. LogStream Cloud customers quickly realize how LogStream can make their data more valuable and less costly to manage.

Today, we’re excited to announce a significant enterprise upgrade to LogStream Cloud, enabling organizations to centrally manage, configure, monitor, and orchestrate fleets of LogStream instances deployed anywhere in the world – whether the deployment consists of 10, 100, or even 1000s of LogStream nodes.

A Leading Edge Architecture that Simply Scales

Having a fully scalable architecture to handle rapidly growing observability data all the time requires a separation of control and management data from your organization’s data

With LogStream Cloud, you can securely link workers with the cloud control plane to scale your deployment and unify billing, access, and management.

Metered Billing, Transparent Pricing

Volume-based pricing is great for customer-managed LogStream software, but we can do you one better when it comes to Cloud. With LogStream Cloud, you pay for what you use. Therefore, we believe usage-based pricing is the fairest and transparent way for our customers to use our products.

LogStream Cloud starts at $0.17 per gigabyte of data received and sent. S3 Data is, of course, always free. For LogStream Cloud Enterprise customers, workers are only metered based on ingest. All data sent out from any worker isn’t metered or billed.

What Else is New in LogStream Cloud?

LogStream Cloud Enterprise customers will have access to all the other Enterprise features available in LogStream today, including SSO, Notifications, RBAC, and GitOps (more about that below). For more information about the different available versions of LogStream, please see our pricing page.

Get started today with LogStream Cloud for free! When you’re ready to upgrade to Enterprise, hit that “Go Enterprise” button in your Cloud account! No rush; you can keep using LogStream for free for up to 1TB of data in and data out a day.

The Latest LogStream Update – Fast, Powerful, Open!

LogStream QuickConnect

We’re excited to announce LogStream QuickConnect: a connection-centric approach to data flows. QuickConnect is a drag and drop experience for connecting any source to any destination in a matter of seconds. Users can then add pipelines in between to reduce, shape, and enrich those data flows. QuickConnect gives our connection-centric users a tool to create and visualize data connections all in the LogStream UI.

With both data routing and QuickConnect capabilities, LogStream provides a full suite of capabilities for collecting, processing, and routing data no matter how you think about your data flows. QuickConnect will be available for everyone starting in November. In addition, you can join our webinar on October 27th to get a sneak preview of QuickConnect in action!

LogStream GitOps

Git integration has always been at the foundation of LogStream. With this latest release of LogStream (both on-prem software and Cloud), our Enterprise users have a new set of APIs to separate the development and deployment of LogStream. LogStream GitOps connects with your favorite git based versioning platforms and leverages their PR, approve/reject, and CI/CD workflows to push production-ready changes from a development branch into a main branch or release. This makes working in LogStream easier and safer than ever.

No matter the size of the team, we know how important it is to ensure your production LogSteam environment only receives updates and changes that have met your internal processes and reviews. This is increasingly important for growing deployments with multiple users working in LogStream every day. LogStream GitOps accepts push notifications from your git backed versioning tools to run deployment updates. It can also be be configured to poll a branch or release for updates to commit and deploy across your LogStream production environment.

LogStream GitOps is only available to Enterprise customers. To get started managing LogStream with full version control, contact a Cribl sales representative!

OpenTelemetry – Traces & Metrics

At Cribl, we have watched OpenTelemetry (OTEL) grow from a dream in the CNCF backlog into a project and protocol being adopted by the most prominent vendors in the Observability space. As of this latest release (software version 3.2), we are happy to announce support for the OpenTelemetry protocol (OTLP) for metrics and traces – logs support will be added as soon as it is ready in the OpenTelemetry project.

OpenTelemetry users can now send their traces and metrics directly from an application or through the OTEL agent or collector to LogStream using the native OTLP protocol. Route OpenTelemetry metrics to any downstream destination. Aggregate and enrich metric events to make them more valuable in your analytics tool of choice. Parse traces into metrics to power application analytics dashboards to view application performance trends over long periods of time. Drop redundant or invaluable traces to keep your application teams focused on what’s important.


We’re excited to get these upgrades and enhancements in the hands of customers. If you’re new to LogStream and the concept of an observability pipeline, we encourage you to try our Sandbox that includes a full version of LogStream in the cloud with canned data. You can see how easy it is to take control of your logging infrastructure to improve system performance, slash costs, and route observability data into the destinations that matter most. When you’re ready to get started, create a free Cribl.Cloud account to get started streaming today.

The fastest way to get started with Cribl LogStream is to sign-up at Cribl.Cloud. You can process up to 1 TB of throughput per day at no cost. Sign-up and start using LogStream within a few minutes.

Questions about our technology? We’d love to chat with you.