What’s Up at Cribl?

Come see what’s new with Cribl Stream in August 2021! Our mission is to simplify your life by giving you the control and flexibility to unlock the value of all your observability data. Watch the on-demand webinar to learn how our newly minted Stream features simplify observability and help your team to say “Yes” to all those requests.

Things you’ll learn:

  • How Stream now provides notifications of issues at your data’s destination so you can optimize the delivery of data and simplify your troubleshooting.
  • How the new Cribl Packs framework simplifies sharing of pipeline knowledge and shortens time-to-value – write once, use them anywhere, share them with anyone!
  • Hear about the latest additions to the observability ecosystem including Google Chronicle, Grafana Cloud, Prometheus, and Loki
  • Using Stream Custom Code to add custom Javascript functions and extend Stream value by fitting it into your specific environment

Watch the On-demand Webinar

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