Simplify Your Budget Planning with Ingest-Only Pricing for Cribl Stream Cloud

Written by Nick Tankersley

December 16, 2021

Over the last year, we’ve seen tremendous growth in both demand and usage for Cribl Stream Cloud. It is exciting to be able to speed up time to value, reduce the total cost of ownership, and deliver Stream to customers in a way that best fits their organizational needs.

We here at Cribl have been working with our cloud customers to better understand how to optimize Stream Cloud pricing to provide the best possible ROI. Based on an internal assessment and collaboration with customers, we are excited to announce a change in our approach to pricing.

The initial pricing at launch for Stream Cloud charged per gigabyte for data in and data out. We believe that cloud pricing should be tied directly to usage and value which is why we’ll still be charging per gigabyte received, but we will no longer be charging for data egress. This allows customers to send to as many destinations as they need without incurring additional costs.

Route data to Elastic, Splunk, S3, DataDog, or any other destination without worrying about egress charges. All costs for processing and sending the data out are included in the pricing model.

Let’s look at a quick example:

Goat Corp. is bringing in 7TB of data per day, they are reducing that data by 40% and sending it all to a single destination.

Under the old model, Goat Corp. would be paying for 11.2TB/day. 7TB of data ingest and 4.2TB of data egress:

7TB in + (7TB * .6) data out = 11.2TB/day

Under the new model, Goat Corp. would only be paying for 7TB/day, data ingest only. That’s a lot less money and a lot easier for Goat Corp. to estimate for an annual plan!

For more details, check out our pricing page.

The fastest way to get started with Cribl Stream is to sign-up at Cribl.Cloud. You can process up to 1 TB of throughput per day at no cost. Sign-up and start using Stream within a few minutes.

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