Transform Security Operations with CrowdStrike and Cribl

Gain complete control over all your security data.

Cribl and CrowdStrike: A simpler approach to observability and log management is here.

Cribl and CrowdStrike combine to bring SecOps, ITOps, and DevOps teams best-in-class solutions that enhance downstream performance, increase business productivity, and support a thriving security practice.

With Cribl, CrowdStrike customers can:



Get any data, from any source, to the CrowdStrike Falcon platform across siloed security and IT tools to address XDR, log management and AI-based analytics challenges. CrowdStream, a new native platform capability, is available at no additional cost to new and existing CrowdStrike Falcon platform customers.
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Cribl And CrowdStrike Use Cases

Route FDR Data to Multiple Destinations

Stream data to the right tools and destinations, including analytics systems and low-cost object storage.

Get Data From Any Source to the Falcon Platform

Centralize data with the Falcon platform to accelerate XDR adoption and log management.

Enhance Threat Hunting with Enrichment

Enrich data with third-party GeoIP info or threat intelligence in flight.

Streamline Queries and Investigations

Pinpoint root cause, understand scope of attack, and drill down into individual events for rich investigative details.

Unlock More Analytic Capacity in LogScale

Aggregate logs into metrics or further scrub data for improved downstream performance.

Migrate Workloads to Falcon LogScale Cloud

Upgrade existing cloud workloads or move on-prem workloads to the cloud – without losing data.

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