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LogStream Cloud

The easiest way to get data into your favorite services

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Just the right amount of SaaS

LogStream Cloud gives you a dedicated LogStream environment that you can start using immediately. We take care of the data infrastructure management and scaling, so you don’t need to, making this the easiest & fastest way to realize the value of an Observability Pipeline. Check out this video for a brief introduction to LogStream Cloud!

From Anywhere, To Anywhere

Collect from APIs, Receive from any agent,
Replay data at rest

Keep Everything

Store full fidelity data in an object store,
Replay it back at any time.

Reshape & Reduce

Drop uninteresting events, Remove uninteresting Fields, Convert logs To metrics

Use Cases

LogStream Cloud allows you to implement an observability pipeline which helps you parse, restructure, and enrich data in flight– ensuring that you get the right data, where you want, in the formats you need.

Collect from REST APIs, Cloud sources like AWS S3, CloudWatch or CloudTrail, or Office 365. LogStream is a Universal Collectoring, making it easy to scalably gather data from any source. LogStream handles reliably executing even your own custom scripts to gather data from anywhere.

LogStream is a Universal Receiver allowing you to use your existing agents or standard protocols like Syslog. LogStream acts as a bump in the wire, transparently sitting in the middle of even proprietary agents and their intended destinations.

Enrich, transform, remove unused fields, or convert logs to metrics. LogStream provides a rich interactive UX for getting data into the right shape, allowing users to be precise about how to properly parse and structure their data.

Send to any destination, no matter the source. LogStream makes it easy to send to one or multiple destinations. Send a full fidelity copy to S3 for free, while sending a subset to your preferred destination.

LogStream Cloud Pricing

Cloud Native, On-Demand Pricing




For every hour the cluster is in operation, customers will be billed $1/Hr.

Data In


Raw data ingested, by the Gigabyte

Data Out


Raw data sent out, by the Gigabyte

Network Egress


Charges incurred for egress data from the cloud provider are passed through at cost.



Data sent to S3 is free.


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