Future-Proof Your Data Strategy with Cribl and Elastic

Adapt seamlessly to industry shifts for agility, operations, and insights that last.

Cribl and Elastic: Where Flexibility Meets Operational Efficiency

 Elastic and Cribl team up to give organizations enhanced data agility, streamlined operations, and deeper insights— even as industry standards shift.

With Cribl, Elastic customers can:

Advancing Data Operations: The Power of Cribl and Elastic

The Cribl suite of products powers key use cases for IT and Security teams in data collection, processing, and querying telemetry data. Together, Cribl and Elastic streamline IT and Security workflows, enhancing data collection, analysis, and insights while flexing with industry standards.

Gain a Resilient Security and Observability Pipeline with Cribl and Elastic

Read how Sally Beauty Holdings freed up 75% of security architects’ time using Cribl versus managing syslog-ng and Logstash. With Cribl, the Sally Beauty team reduced the infrastructure required to run Elastic SIEM by half.

Cribl and Elastic Use Cases

Streamline Data Management for Elastic

Cribl boosts Elastic's performance, aligning your tech stack with your strategic business vision.

Modernize your Infrastructure with Superior SIEM

Transform your SIEM experience; Cribl and Elastic deliver scalable modernization.

Unlock Cost-Effective Elastic Deployments and Migrations

Achieve smarter spending with Cribl's optimization of Elastic's operational efficiency.

Getting Started with Elastic: The Cribl Advantage

Kick-start your Elastic POV with Cribl for a robust, Elastic deployment from day one.

For Current Users: Elevating the Elastic Experience

Get more from Elastic with Cribl: Enhanced security, insights, and value.

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