A New Era of Cloud Security with Cribl and Wiz

May 7, 2024
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Cribl is an integrations company at heart. We want to help every company develop a data strategy that gives them more control, improves security, and provides flexibility to adapt to their ever-changing data needs. Today, we’re thrilled to announce that we are a Certified Wiz Integration (WIN) Partner to help customers take their cloud security game to the next level. Imagine having the ability to seamlessly combine Cribl Stream’s data management capabilities with Wiz’s Cloud Security Platform. Well, it’s a reality – delivered by Cribl Stream’s innovative REST API Collector complemented by Cribl Search and Cribl Lake.

Focused on providing a holistic solution, customers can extract more value from their security-related data while meeting compliance requirements and driving efficiency. It’s like having a data wizard at your fingertips, transforming complex data into actionable intelligence. Cribl Stream is the magic wand that moves data from Wiz to the analytics and data lake destinations of your choice, providing access to your cloud security data when various groups within your organization need it the most.

“We are excited to see Cribl and Wiz are joining together to address visibility gaps,” said Mark Thornberry, SVP, Vendor Management, at GuidePoint Security. “One of GuidePoint’s key objectives is to help customers achieve their best security posture across all of their data management infrastructure. We believe Cribl’s integration with Wiz will help enterprises connect their data management strategy in new ways, across multiple IT and Security teams, and effectively collaborate across domains with reliable and flexible tooling.”

Access to all security-relevant data

Together, Wiz and Cribl help customers unify fragmented data, simplify compliance, and enable efficient deep analysis. Bring together siloed data by enriching, deduplicating, and transforming it to address visibility gaps and speed of investigations – this includes issues, vulnerabilities, audit, and configuration data from the Wiz Cloud Security Platform. Plus, precisely retrieve data with Cribl Stream’s REST Collector, and ensure it’s in the format you need to enable comprehensive visibility into cloud security posture and potential compliance risks.

Streamline compliance and risk prioritization

Compliance is often a labyrinth of regulations and requirements that can overwhelm even the most seasoned professionals. Cribl and Wiz simplify compliance adherence by integrating compliance-focused data into long-term retention systems – reducing the operational complexities. Combining Wiz’s deep cloud security analysis with Cribl’s powerful data processing capabilities helps organizations can quickly identify and address critical risks, misconfigurations, network exposures, and vulnerabilities across their cloud environments. This empowers organizations to correlate risks across cloud layers, improving the accuracy and agility of their security analyses. By prioritizing risks using Wiz’s security graph, organizations can make swift, informed decisions when time is of the essence.

Reacting to customer demand

APIs are the backbone of the modern digital economy, and Cribl is continually investing in all aspects of this ecosystem. Security organizations will continue to invest in best-of-breed security solutions, such as Wiz, to address visibility gaps that are too cost prohibitive to address in-house. Context contained within the Wiz Cloud Security Platform is readily available for customers to access via Wiz’s API. Rather than customers scripting and scheduling the retrieval of this important security-relevant data on their own for their entire ecosystem of SaaS-based vendors, this is accomplished via a single Cribl UI and backed by a modern GitOps CI/CD workflow. In addition to Cribl Stream streamlining the retrieval of security-relevant data from Wiz, this data can be quickly and securely delivered to Cribl Lake and accessed at any time via Cribl Search.

Unlock the future of cloud security

As a WIN certified partner, this integration has been thoroughly tested and validated by the Wiz team. You can REST assured that the integration is rock-solid, reliable, and ready to deliver the performance you need to keep your cloud environment secure and compliant (yes, that was supposed to be a REST Collector pun). By integrating data across cloud layers and providing contextual insights, we enable security teams to focus on the most critical threats. With streamlined data management, reduced compliance-related complexities, and enhanced operational efficiency, this integration is all about making your security journey smoother and more effective.

So, whether you’re a CIO/CISO, VP/Director of Security, Cloud/Security Architect, or DevOps Engineer, get ready to experience unified data mastery, efficient deep analysis, and simplified compliance like never before. With Cribl and Wiz by your side, the future of cloud security looks brighter than ever.

For more information, check out our press release.

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