Jackie McGuire

Jackie McGuire is a Senior Market Strategy Manager at Cribl, focused on the security market. Prior to joining Cribl, Jackie was a Research Analyst with S&P Global, writing, speaking, and providing thought leadership on information security and Web3. Jackie has also worked as a data scientist in cybersecurity, developing behavior analysis and anomaly detection models, been co-founder, CEO, and CFO for several startups, and before her work in technology, was a licensed securities broker and SEC Registered Investment Advisor.

Posts by Jackie McGuire

The Data Lake Dilemma: Why Businesses Need a New Approach

Data Chaos

Data Chaos MUST Be Curbed, but How?

Security Has a Big Data Problem, and an Even Bigger People Problem

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Black Hat 2023 Recap: The Future is Artificial

Cribl Amazon Security Lake

When Stream Meets Lake: Cribl’s Integration With Amazon Security Lake Helps Customers Address Data Interoperability

Data Pipelines

Are Your Data Pipelines Up to Commercial Standards?

Meta GDPR Fine

The Ripple Effect of Meta’s $1.3 Billion GDPR Fine for Businesses That Handle Data

The State of Security Data Management in 2022

Black Hat Recap

The Internet’s Mid-Life Crisis – Black Hat at 25

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