Cribl Comes to Black Hat, Announces SentinelOne Partnership, and Frees You From the Data Lock-In Empire

August 3, 2022
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Black Hat 2022 is coming up very soon, and our team is incredibly excited to meet up with existing customers and newcomers to Cribl. Cribl is a customers first organization, and part of that focus involves solving problems that no other vendor is solving. Security teams can’t catch a break in today’s environment. Threats are everywhere, data volumes continue to grow, and licensing costs rise yearly. As a result, security teams need a new strategy, and Cribl brings a first principles approach to threat hunting, breach detection, and incident response.

Cribl and SentinelOne Partnership

Cribl is also proud to announce a new partnership with SentinelOne! With Cribl’s integration with Singularity XDR, SentinelOne customers can now unlock the value of all observability data. Key benefits of the integration include:

  1. Operationalize endpoint and extended detection and response (EDR & XDR) of data sources in joint customer environments
  2. Streamline for triage and investigative functions in the Security Operations Center (SOC)
  3. Progress cybersecurity programs with enhanced threat intelligence, threat hunting, and adversary simulation.

Cribl Stream goes beyond just collecting data from any source and delivering it to the location of your choice. It maximizes the value of observability data by transforming and adding context from other sources in real-time, enhancing the value of all your analytics tools and improving your overall security program.

In our press release, you can learn more about Cribl’s integration with SentinelOne’s Cloud Funnel and DataSet.

Join the Rebellion: Book a Demo with Cribl at Black Hat

Do your vendor relationships feel like the Empire in the Star Wars Universe controls your observability data? We believe in unlocking customer choice and control with sources, destinations, and formats. Some say we’re leading the Rebellion in the Galactic Universe, but we believe it results from putting customers’ needs first.

If you want to join the Rebellion at Black Hat, we want to meet with you! Book a demo with us and learn how Cribl can help you break free from your security data silos and regain control of your data.

  • Onboard data from every security source, increasing the efficiency of your threat hunting work and improving incident response
  • Separate out the signal from the noise and enrich your data with context in real-time
  • Choose what data to keep in your analytics systems, what to save for later in low-cost storage, and what to drop – putting you back in control of your security data costs
  • Govern data while masking PII and ensuring regulatory compliance

Book a demo with our technical team at our booth during Black Hat 2022 and get a free Darth Vader LEGO head shipped to your house!

CriblCon at Black Hat 2022

Black Hat 2022 CriblCon

Part of being a customers first company focused on unlocking choice and control extends to our events. So we’re coming to you! We love gathering with new and old friends of Cribl to share ideas, discuss best practices, and swap IT battle (or horror) stories. CriblCon at Black Hat 2022 is set for Thursday, August 11th, at House of Blues, Mandalay Bay.

Schedule of Events:

  • 5:00 – 6:00 pm: Arrivals + Drinks
  • 6:00 – 6:15 pm: Thank You and Toast
  • 6:15 – 9:00 pm: Demos, Birds of a Feather, and Networking:
    • Security-Oriented Data Architectures
    • SIEM Optimization/ Migration
    • Data Optimization and Enrichment to Accelerate Investigations

If you’re planning to attend, please register today! Our past few CriblCon’s have pushed the limit on local fire codes, so we anticipate many people from Black Hat attending.

How to Start a Riot: Transform Your Security and Observability Program to Meet Today’s Challenges

During Black Hat 2022, Cribl’s Sr. Staff Technical Evangelist, Ed Bailey, will teach you how to start a riot. Not that kind of riot, but a better one. Ed will discuss how organizations facing digital transformation, escalating security threats, and out-of-control compliance costs can turn observability from a nice-to-have to a must-have. We know observability is still a new topic for security professionals, so you’ll come away knowing how to justify the transformation of how you manage security data, how to build a roadmap for change, and execute the roadmap, so you turn a problem into strength.

Ed’s Black Hat 2022 talk is scheduled for August 10th at 8:00 AM (you bring the coffee ☕️).

See You at Black Hat 2022!

Visit Cribl at Black Hat in Booth #1172 to join the Rebellion and supercharge your security insights! Darth Vader is rumored to be hanging around the Cribl booth all week if you want to get a picture for the ‘gram (or LinkedIn) and a free t-shirt.

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