Cribl Achieves AWS Security Competency Status

November 29, 2022

Cribl is kicking off AWS re:Invent 2022 with a wave of news, all benefiting our fantastic customers. Earlier this month, we announced the availability of Cribl.Cloud on AWS Marketplace, giving customers access to our unified cloud suite within a consolidated purchase environment. Today, we announced that Cribl now integrates with Amazon Security Lake and provides support for OCSF format. Now, we’re also excited to share that Cribl has achieved AWS Security Competency status.

Being an AWS Security Competency Partner means that Cribl delivers security-focused solutions for specific workloads and has demonstrated success helping enterprises adopt, develop, and deploy complex security projects on AWS. With Cribl’s solutions, customers can get the security data they want, in the formats they need, and send it wherever they want it to go––ultimately enabling enterprises to take back control of their data.

Why Customers are Choosing Cribl to Liberate their Security Data

Security engineering teams are struggling to manage data ingestion across volatile security data sources and data silos. It’s taking up too much engineering time and distracting engineering from building better security detection solutions. Teams need the tools to effectively transform, manage, and enrich data in flight to make decisions faster with better data.

Cribl helps customers free their data from the limitations of silos created by closed and proprietary analytics tools. Cribl’s flagship product, Cribl Stream, is a data pipelining engine that allows cyber threat hunters and security engineers to collect and optimize event data streams from all existing installed or known agent(s), reduce, enrich, and multicast data to any analytics system in real-time, equipping teams with the following capabilities:

  • NO MORE SILOS – Get rid of data silos that are complex to deal with and impossible to correlate across. You control your data – where it goes, where it’s stored, what tools have access – and choose what to store long term.
  • REDUCE AND ENRICH – Separate out signal from noise and enrich with context in real-time. Enrich and enhance data in-flight with contextual information – from location down to specific process and everything in between
  • STORE AND REPLAY – Using Stream to multicast to a queryable observability lake enables security operations and threat hunting analysts to collaborate on top of full fidelity data and eliminate forced compromises where data must be aggregated and summarized simply to be retained. Stream’s Replay enables total recall of full fidelity security data for detailed forensic analysis, compliance verification, or seamless analytic tool and cloud migration.

Cribl Stream delivers a data pipelining engine with the flexibility, control, and simplicity to instrument everything all the time while making it easier to implement best-of-breed analytics solutions. Cribl Search and Cribl Edge round out the Cribl product suite, bringing that same simplicity, flexibility, and control to federated search, edge data collection and the processing of data closer to its source. By achieving AWS Security Competency status, Cribl demonstrates a proven track record of delivering security-focused solutions to help customers achieve their security goals.

To learn more about Cribl’s security solutions, come talk with the team at AWS re:Invent Booth #3831.

Can’t make it? Check out our State of Security Data Management 2022 Report to learn how 1,000 security and IT professionals are managing their data.

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