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Get up and running fast on any Cribl product without shouldering the burden or costs of managing infrastructure


Deploys in minutes. Nothing to maintain. Grows with your business.

Cribl.Cloud is a unified SaaS platform, offering a dedicated way to customize and control your Stream, Edge, Search, and Lake environment that you can start using immediately. Cribl takes care of infrastructure, scaling, and security — making this the fastest and easiest way to realize the value of your Cribl data engine.

Move workloads to the cloud without dropping or losing data.

Why Cribl.Cloud

Customize and control your data without the hassle.


Feature highlights

Multiple Worker Groups

Choose your groups

Effortlessly add, resize, and decommission Groups of Cribl-managed Workers to cater to whatever dynamic data demands your organization has. This is the fastest and easiest way to grow and resize your deployment on your terms.

Authentication and Authorization

Keep control

Use your own trusted IdP provider to get users onboarded fast. Cribl.Cloud’s authentication and authorization support enhances security by giving control over who has access to the platform, and what permissions and privileges they have to use Cribl products, capabilities, and resources.

Divide and conquer

Create separate workspaces for the flexibility to choose how to provision Cribl throughout your business. With the power of multi-tenancy, use isolated sets of Cribl products to meet varying data privacy and strategy needs while maintaining the benefits of centralized management and administration.

Cribl.Cloud is listed on AWS Marketplace

Use AWS spend commitment to try, buy, and consume Cribl products in Cribl.Cloud, easily track billing and usage directly on AWS Marketplace.

Flexible and Transparent Pricing

Use Cribl products, at any capacity, without friction. Cribl’s consumption model means you only pay for what you use. Consumption is handled through credits that can extend across various products and services, so you aren’t bound to a particular tier or service. No lengthy contract negotiations, just simple and transparent pricing. Track usage directly on the Cribl.Cloud platform.

Where is it cloudy?

There is a 100% chance that Cribl.Cloud is available to you in US-West-2 (Oregon), US-East-2 (Ohio), US-East-1 (Virginia), CA-Central-1 (Canada Central), EU-West-2 (London), EU-Central-1 (Frankfurt), and AP-Southeast-2 (Sydney) with more regions coming soon!

Try Cribl.Cloud for free!

Get started with a free Cribl.Cloud account and use up to 1TB/day at no cost. Nothing to install, no infrastructure to manage, no license required, no payment collected.

Many years ago, I attained my private pilot’s license. This entailed completing a very structured program, similar to how most companies introduce a product to a new user. Let’s be honest, there is a really good reason for this – to avoid the crash and burn. With flight training, it’s literal, while with products it’s a bit more figurative (except when you YOLO something into production–that can cause a crash and burn–and leave for a bad first impression). In either case, a guided approach always seems to be the best, at least on the surface.

Using the traditional approach to both, flying or trying, starts with a short, guided demo with an instructor/SE to show you the ropes and give you a sense of whether this product will be a fit for you. Once your interest is piqued, it’s time to start the real instruction, instructor-led ground school, or product technical training via some form of live or digital instruction. Then comes the hands-on stuff, either on the yoke or the keyboard to develop your ‘piloting’ skills. Then finally, and only when your instructor says you are ready, do you get to perform your 1st solo flight. It’s amazing.

Cribl Lets You Fly Solo When You Think You Are Ready

Ok, I need to step back a little and discuss what it is we do at Cribl. Cribl is about observability, the ability to take control and shape your data (and usually save money while you’re at it). We do this by offering a radical level of choice and control for shaping your data. No matter the source, the destination, or how you want to shape it, we offer a simple, yet powerful solution to optimize the processing of your observability data.

OK, ok, I admit I cut that right from our website, but what does it mean? It means we have a tremendous product suite that can Discover, Collect, Route, Transform, Shape, and even Replay all your observability data; it is agnostic to the source, the destination, the data type, and even the system of analysis.

From the get-go we offered our solutions via software download, you provision and manage your own hardware/containers, then download and deploy locally. This worked very well for many, and in fact, will continue to be their deployment of choice. However, the need for a cloud-based solution became evident very quickly, for several reasons. For a demo or Proof of Value (POV), having to provision local hardware was time-consuming and costly. Adding more infrastructure to provision, manage, and support was resource-intensive. To make it easy, we launched a cloud-based deployment option to provide customer choice in how to deploy Cribl. We call it Cribl.Cloud.

Before you head out to create an account, I recommend starting with some of our guided training to get your feet wet. If you are brand new to Cribl’s products, I recommend starting with Cribl Stream Fundamentals Lite. If you’re an experienced Cribl user, try the full Sandbox Fundamentals course, Have I mentioned yet that nowhere does anyone ask for P.O. number or credit card? Education will ALWAYS be free at Cribl. When you’re convinced, get in touch with our experts to discuss your environment.

Looking at the screenshot below you will see several training options. Using the flying analogy again, think of these as full-motion simulators – there is real data flowing that you get to shape and interact with.

Cribl Sandbox

Cribl.Cloud: Time To Fly

If you’ve worked through some of our sandboxes (or ready to get started with your own data), head to Cribl.Cloud and start shaping your own data just click on one of the launch buttons. You can launch a Cribl Stream or Cribl Edge instance with just a few clicks. This will launch your own instance of Cribl’s products, in essence, as your first solo flight. This is not a demo, not a trial, or time-restricted freemium package. It’s your Cribl.Cloud account forever, where you can configure your sources, and your destinations and start processing your data, up to 1TB/day for free.

Cribl Packs: Get Data Flowing Faster

We even offer Cribl Packs – these are pre-built, common configurations to help you get started. Back to flying, think of Packs like an autopilot system. Packs allow you to plug in pre-configured information on how to shape and route the data, you just sit back and enjoy the view. What if you have security or compliance concerns on where your data can go that limits your cloud options? We have you covered there too. With Cribl’s ‘hybrid’ cloud offering you get the combined advantages of running Cribl’s software in your environment and the Cribl.Cloud. With this deployment option, we host the Stream Leader in the cloud while all the workers and data processing can remain local, totally within your control to meet compliance requirements. With this option. your data will never leave your control or touch the cloud.

SOAR to New Heights with Cribl

It is a constant struggle for SecOps and SOAR teams to manage complex logging at scale and provide rapid response to threats. Combining Security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) platforms with Cribl can simplify data management and streamline incident response (IR).

Ready To Get Started?

No matter the path you take to Cribl, I guarantee it will be the most exciting data observability experience. My most exciting experience – 1.5 hours in the back seat of an F-4E

My final word: Cribl.Cloud provides simplified access to the world of Cribl. Are you still on the fence or need more info? Learn more about Cribl.Cloud or check out this blog post on understanding the benefits of starting your observability pipeline journey in the cloud.

PS: Certifications are coming very soon…

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