Cribl Copilot: Your Trusted AI Wingman for Deploying, Configuring & Troubleshooting

June 11, 2024
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Imagine having someone:

  • By your side who already knows how to deploy and configure the Cribl product portfolio, because they have decades of cumulative experience.
  • Translate your basic English into Regex or Kusto expressions, so you can just cut, paste, and get down to business.
  • Guide you in avoiding setup missteps and troubleshooting common errors, because they’ve ‘seen it all’.
  • Who already ‘read’ all the thousands of pages of Cribl documentation, knows them by heart and gets you directly to the relevant content you seek.

Would that make a difference? Of course it would!

What Cribl Copilot Was Designed For

There is a fundamental tension between data growing at 28% CAGR, while IT and security resources remain flat. This growing gap means that the way teams operate today will not scale to meet their needs 10 years from now. It’s not just financial. Most organizations can’t scale the resources, time, and data expertise required to configure and maintain new systems while keeping up with the growing complexity of their existing cloud and hybrid infrastructure.

This demonstrates itself in 3 primary ways:

  • Time to productivity: Onboarding any new tool or data source takes time — with or without Cribl. Using Cribl as a strategic control point for infrastructure means gaining proficiency is critical to reducing time to productivity. Additionally, using the most experienced employees to work and address repetitive tasks takes them away from solving the difficult problems organizations face.
  • Growing Skills Gap: Bringing in new employees and employee churn can cause disruption, slowing down the ability for organizations to keep up with data growth over time, let alone finding new ways to improve efficiencies.
  • Complexity obscures cost and efficiency: Data growth is caused by the increasing complexity of organizations’ infrastructure. To close the gap between resources and data growth, it is critical to understand the intricacies of who, what, where, and why of usage and optimize performance and costs. But even the best enterprise organizations struggle to understand a global view of cost levers and, therefore, can’t optimize data without the occasional audit of the entire infrastructure, leading to upside surprises.

Taking Advantage of Technology

Truth be told, even while expertise may be in short supply, technology is evolving to help fill some of the gaps. Cribl has embraced AI to offer a wingman, essentially a Copilot to augment your already over-tasked staff.

This isn’t a new concept. In aviation, the four-person cockpit wasn’t that long ago the norm, yet today, aircraft automation systems have evolved and reduced workloads to the point that autonomous aircraft can operate independently of human control.

Granted, IT and security data management is not quite ready to be assimilated by Skynet, but many mundane, replicative, or basic configuration services can be automated, eliminating many deployment delays and support calls.

Introducing Cribl Copilot

Cribl Copilot is an AI-powered intelligent guide that accelerates your team’s efficiency in managing IT and security data at scale. With an innate understanding of the intricacies of complex data infrastructures, Cribl Copilot creates Day 1 value by enabling you to accelerate deployments and start extracting the data that matters to you most in a matter of minutes. By augmenting the capabilities of existing staff with the compendium of knowledge from Cribl’s engineers, you can build efficient workflows and resolve the most challenging data problems faster without learning curve delays.

Before I discuss what Copilot can do, here’s what it won’t do:

  • Replace existing staffing with silicon and software, but it might relieve skilled staff from basic and mundane chores so they can focus on critical and strategic challenges.
  • Deliver a plug-and-play IT & security data management solution, but it might help deploy and configure Cribl’s suite of products in minutes or hours, not days or weeks.
  • Eliminate the need for Cribl professional services or support, but experience has shown a reduction in support cases, of which about 40% of all calls are basic configuration questions.
  • Recommend a winning strategy for Bitcoin or picking winning lottery numbers, but it will recommend a strategy to address 429 errors.

How You Can Take Advantage (Or Benefit) From Cribl Copilot

With Cribl Copilot, you’ll maximize the value of your Cribl investment and your existing staff. You can augment the capabilities of existing staff with the compendium of knowledge from Cribl’s engineers to build efficient workflows and resolve the most challenging data problems faster without learning curve delays. Cribl Copilot can:

  • Generate insights: Copilot anticipates your needs with auto-generated insights, dashboards, and notifications based on organizational data and system metadata.
  • Generate Code Functions, Pipelines, and Kusto Query Language (KQL) using natural language: Natural language reduces learning curves to minutes, enabling you to ask questions of your data and allowing Copilot to create complex observability pipeline configurations and search queries to find answers fast.
  • Chat with Copilot to address problems: Coach engineers through the most challenging data problems by tapping the sum total of Cribl’s entire solution engineering experience in real-time.
  • Build AI-powered troubleshooting tools: Dedicated support guru for every engineer to build troubleshooting tools and reduce time to resolution of problems.
  • Build language models: Produce data-driven insights to find new pathways to accelerate productivity across your organization.

Wrap up

Cribl Copilot is an AI-powered intelligent guide that turbocharges your IT and security team’s efficiency. It bridges the skills gap, enabling your team to easily tackle complex data challenges without learning curve delays. With Cribl Copilot, you’ll maximize the value of your Cribl investment while streamlining your data operations to achieve a Day 1 ROI.

  • Want to know more about Cribl Copilot? Get started here.
  • Checkout the Cribl Copilot Solution Brief.
  • Get your own Cribl.Cloud Service- It takes 2 minutes and is FREE!
  • Check out Cribl U, where training is always free!



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