Announcing Cribl Stream Fundamentals, An Online Sandbox & E-Learning Course

February 11, 2020
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At Cribl, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to learn about our product. Whether you’re a potential future customer, new user at an existing Cribl customer, a partner, or a competitor, we think knowledge about our product should be free and easy to consume. We want everyone who is interested to be able to pick up the basics of Cribl Stream. Today we’re announcing Cribl Stream Fundamentals, an online sandbox and e-learning course. It’s available at the easy to remember address of https://sandbox.cribl.io/.

With Stream Fundamentals, you’ll get an interactive tutorial environment running Cribl Stream. We’re using Stream’s built in data generator source to feed data in, and we use TCP and File outputs to show how data flows. Fundamentals walks through use cases like Routing and Data Reduction, and through important concepts like sources, destinations, routes, pipelines, and functions. When you’ve completed Fundamentals, you’ll have a beginning understanding of how to mold Cribl to your use case.

With your newfound knowledge, we hope you’ll be excited about what Cribl Stream can do for you or your customer. In addition to what’s covered in the sandbox help and training, there are many, many use cases for Cribl Stream. Expect to see us continue to publish new sandboxes for learning about interesting use cases.

We also want to recognize your efforts and time, and so you can register at the end of the course for a completion certificate to be issued to you. You can easily share that certificate on LinkedIn, which we encourage you to do!

Lastly, in addition to your completion certificate, for users who have completed the Fundamentals course we’ll also email you a free license with a 1 year expiration. For your lab or other training environment, this license will lessen the need for upgrading Cribl Stream regularly. The process for issuing licenses is being stood up now, so please give us until mid-March to get licenses flowing.

We hope you find the Cribl sandbox valuable! If you have any feedback, please head to our community Slack or reach out to us at hello@cribl.io.


Cribl, the Data Engine for IT and Security, empowers organizations to transform their data strategy. Customers use Cribl’s suite of products to collect, process, route, and analyze all IT and security data, delivering the flexibility, choice, and control required to adapt to their ever-changing needs.

We offer free training, certifications, and a generous free usage plan across our products. Our community Slack features Cribl engineers, partners, and customers who can answer your questions as you get started. We also offer a hands-on Sandbox for those interested in how companies globally leverage our products for their data challenges.

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