Cribl Named to Rising in Cyber 2024 by Notable Capital

June 4, 2024
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We are thrilled to announce that Cribl has been named to the Rising in Cyber 2024 list by Notable Capital! This independent recognition highlights the most innovative cybersecurity companies as viewed by Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), venture capital investors, and other industry leaders.

For the selection process, Notable Capital partnered with over 100 CISOs and VPs of Security from leading companies such as Amazon, Atlassian, Coupang, and Netflix. Alongside prominent venture capital firms, they nominated and voted on approximately 200 companies. From this pool of companies, 30 were selected based on their proven ability to solve critical problems for today’s security teams. Honorees represent 10 early-stage, 10 mid-stage, and 10 late-stage companies.

Why Cribl Stood Out

Our products are built to supercharge security insights, offering unparalleled capabilities to manage and derive value from vast amounts of data growing at a 28% CAGR. Here’s a closer look at what sets Cribl’s products apart for security teams:

  • Advanced Data Routing: Direct data to the most relevant tools and storage locations, ensuring that security teams have the right information at their fingertips.
  • Data Reduction: Minimize data volume while retaining critical information, reducing storage costs and enhancing processing speeds. Cribl makes it easy to store full-fidelity copies in our managed data lake or with your own low-cost object storage.
  • Enhanced Data Quality: Standardize and enrich data on the fly, making it more useful and actionable for security analysis.

Our suite of products, all built on a unified data processing engine, includes:


  • Cribl Stream: A vendor-agnostic observability pipeline that collects, reduces, enriches, normalizes, and routes data from any source to any destination.
  • Cribl Edge: An intelligent, scalable edge-based data collection system for logs, metrics, and application data.
  • Cribl Search: Allows users to search data in place without having to collect or store it first.
  • Cribl Lake: A turnkey data lake solution that centralizes access to all IT and security data, leveraging open formats and unified security controls.

By addressing these critical areas, Cribl helps security teams take ownership of all their IT and security data, work with it in open formats, extract valuable data, and deliver it to the destination of their choice in the right format. We do all of this without locking customers into proprietary file formats or storage.

What’s Next?

The companies recognized by Rising in Cyber 2024 have collectively raised more than $6 billion, showing need for innovative and best-of-breed solutions. In celebration of this achievement, the honorees will be recognized at a special event at the New York Stock Exchange today.

We know that security teams are drowning in data trying to keep up with all the threats coming their way. Traditional tools often fall short, resulting in slower threat response times and difficult-to-understand insights. We offer a robust data engine capable of handling high volumes, filtering out unnecessary information, and transforming data into actionable threat intelligence. This approach not only enhances efficiency but also empowers security teams to stay ahead of today’s threats. TL;DR: We’re just getting started!

Thank you to Notable Capital and the security community for this honor!


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