Bring More Reliability and Insights to Your Observability Pipelines with Cribl Stream 3.5

Gayathri Pandyaram
Written by Gayathri Pandyaram

June 29, 2022

We’ve been busy building more features for Cribl Stream, and are excited to share the new value we offer our users. Cribl Stream 3.5 is now available! This release brings some much-requested features that will help users build more robust observability pipelines, with new sources and destinations. Let’s dive into what’s new!

Leader High Availability

With Cribl Stream becoming the central processing engine for all observability data, a significant number of our users are interested in having a fault-tolerant architecture, where a Leader can fail gracefully with minimal downtime. While we take care of this for Cribl.Cloud users, our on-prem users can now leverage the Leader HA feature, allowing a secondary Leader to take over if the primary fails or becomes unresponsive. Leader HA will ensure that a Leader is always available for the workers to communicate with. This will help keep your notifications coming, and collector jobs running, regardless of failures with one Leader.

Source and Collector Notifications

Notifications, already available on destinations and license expiration, can now be enabled for sources and collectors that don’t send any data, or send too much or too little data within a specified time period. No more surprises when your upstream sources are failing, or sending too much data that could overrun your downstream tool/product licenses. Just set your thresholds and the time interval for monitoring, sit back and let Stream notify you when things get interesting.

Parquet Support

With Parquet becoming a popular format for efficiently storing data, users want to be able to read and write Parquet files. Cribl Stream now supports reading and writing Parquet files on S3, Azure Blob Storage, and the Filesystem destination. With this, we add one more format to our ever-increasing set of supported data formats to provide you more choice.

Support for Syslog RFC-6587

Stream now supports syslog RFC-6587 event formats: non-transparent framing and octet counting allowing you to ingest and manage even more syslog data, process and route through Cribl Stream pipelines.

New Cribl Sources for Edge to Cloud

Cribl Edge users can now send all Edge node data to Cribl.Cloud via HTTP and TCP, thus taking advantage of your existing Cribl.Cloud pipelines to process Edge data.


We’re excited to get these upgrades and enhancements into the hands of our customers. If you’re new to Stream and the concept of an observability pipeline, we encourage you to try our Sandbox that includes a full version of Stream in the cloud, with canned data. You can see how easy it is to take control of your logging infrastructure to improve system performance, slash costs, and route observability data into the destinations that matter the most. When you’re ready, create a free Cribl.Cloud account to get started with streaming.

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