How We Do Different at Cribl: A CriblCon 2023 Recap!

August 2, 2023
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July was an exciting month at Cribl! That’s right, as not only did we Turn Up the Heat with Cribl’s Summer Product Launch, but we also hosted our first full-on CriblCon in Las Vegas a few weeks ago, and it was nothing short of a blast! We had you, our customers, in the audience, on stage, and in our demo booths. It was all-around innovation awesomeness! As we celebrate innovation, we cannot stress how important your loyalty and insights have been to our journey. The motto of Innovation with a Purposeour commitment to solving meaningful problems for and with you–was on full display.

If you missed it OR you’re still replaying all those great presentations in your head and trying to formulate a plan of action for your team, we’ve got you! The keynote and customer presentations are available for you at https://cribl.io/criblcon.

But while it’s still fresh in my mind, let’s recap a few of the highlights from the event:


  • Cribl is the data engine for IT and Security
  • Cribl is in the business of Choice and Control. “Anyone can give you Data. Cribl gives you Choice”
  • The data volume and data sprawl challenges led us to develop Search. It allows for searching data in place, at rest. No need to index, move, or process data. And in the spirit of “Do Different,” we’re adding API Search which makes REST endpoints searchable from the same interface. How will that change the way you find answers in your data?
  • Cribl delivered 165 customer-requested features over 15 releases in the last year!
  • Scale, Performance, and Reliability are evergreen investments at Cribl in order to deliver tools that can withstand the pace of data growth in your organizations.

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  • I love what TransUnion is doing with the whole Cribl suite of products. Talk about results! With Cribl, they decreased overall network load, achieved 100% search relevance, have predictable search times, and are able to monitor and benchmark global and regional performance for critical customer-facing apps. And they aren’t even done yet!

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Large Hospitality Venue

  • SIEM migrations are no joke and this undertaking wasn’t simple! With Cribl in their cyber tool chest, this $1B hotel and conference center was able to migrate to a new SIEM and a new MSSP in 3 months, all while reducing 1.2 TB of data to 450GB in a highly regulated industry and saving about $500k a year.

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  • Shawn Cannon, a Cribl community award recipient, showed us how using the Redis function in Cribl saved him loads of time and delivered better results than his prior solution. Allowing Aflac to quickly join data together on a small 34 million-row CSV file. And with the Redis Pack, they showed us how you can find template policies to incorporate within your existing pipelines! That’s the power of the community y’all!

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  • A 56% reduction out of the box with a few packs, 99% reduction through a few tweaks and customization from knowing your data, and this isn’t a typo, data reduction from 130TB to 1.2TB is some pretty serious ROI! (Recording coming soon!)

Discovered Intelligence

  • The work Discovered Intelligence has been doing to modernize the data engineering function at a Fortune 50 pharmaceutical company is inspiring. They are making Cribl their standardized ingestion point–making it easier and faster to onboard data, cut through the data backlog, and improve performance and results from monitoring and detection tools. This has allowed Terry to increase engagement with his customers thus building a true partnership.

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  • Time to get on that GitOps train y’all! Sanjay shared some of his learnings and gotchas when implementing Git processes around managing your Cribl deployment. Check his presentation, then check out the Sandbox to get on your way–you CAN (and should!) try this at home!

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What a great lineup of presenters! And more importantly, what an awesome set of use cases and actionable ideas to take back to your own deployments. How about another virtual round of applause for that crew?

2023 GOAT Chain Winners

We also had a chance to recognize our first customer award winners—What would Cribl be without our amazing community? Whether it is in Slack, on Curious, LinkedIn, Reddit, X, or any other social media platform, our community is there giving us honest feedback and supporting each other. Thank you!

Rolltidega aka Shawn Cannon

Shawn has been very active in our Community Slack. He is in the top 1% of Slack users–but he doesn’t stop there–he’s also the co-host of our Virtual User Group, presented at CriblCon, and shared his ideas on video! You might see him asking questions about APIs or different functions. Thanks, Shawn for your awesomeness!

B1scu1t aka Govardhanen “Gov” Gopal

Biscuit is another one of our top Slack members being in the 1% club. We typically find him asking and answering questions about Kubernetes. I mean, who among us hasn’t rejoiced and screamed at their containers? His go-to function is eval, “The Workhorse.” He’s also shared his best practices in one of our first customer webinars and worked with us on a case study.

XPAC aka Björn Hansen

Was there a time in Cribl’s history when XPAC wasn’t answering questions? Or is there a time of day when xpac isn’t helping someone? If it is 2 AM and you are banging your head against the desk while trying to figure something out and you ask the Community the question, he is there. Check XPAC’s video interview and his virtual user group presentations.

Thank you to all of our GOAT Chain winners AND to the rest of our community contributors. You rock! Can’t wait to see more of you up here next year. Another virtual round of applause for everyone y’all.

But like I said earlier CriblCon wasn’t the only big event last week, just in case you missed it, we did all this while launching our latest version of Stream, Edge, and Search! This product launch is all about enabling teams and multiple users to work together seamlessly while focusing on security, access control, and providing valuable data insights on demand. Who says you can’t have it all? Take a look at all the details!

As we close out this year and start planning for next year, I leave you with a few tidbits from our keynote that resonated with me when delivered AND are still on my mind as I write this up.

  • We listen—we put the customer at the center of everything we do. We commit to Customers First and first principles development–solving problems in the optimal way–not piecemealing solutions together
  • We deliver—we solve problems from first principles so we’re addressing the fundamental issue, not just making incremental progress.
  • We give you choice and control—choose the tools best for your stakeholders and your organization and we’ll make it accessible and valuable.

Or as Clint said, “we noodle around for a few months and we bring you some shit that doesn’t look all that great and you tell us how it can be better!”

And last but not least, partnership is a two-way street. Keep the engagement and feedback coming–tell us what you think and what should be next. Early survey feedback tells us you’re looking for more (and possibly meatier) technical content. So we’ll look to the user groups, Cribl Curious, and some of the channels on Slack to source topics for How Tos, and cover them in sandboxes, upcoming user group meetings, or host office hours to tackle longer-form topics. Some of our goats recently join a Cribl live stream as well for an “unwind” as well. You can watch it below.

We want to give the people what they need! And not make you wait a year for it!

Until next time!


Cribl, the Data Engine for IT and Security, empowers organizations to transform their data strategy. Customers use Cribl’s suite of products to collect, process, route, and analyze all IT and security data, delivering the flexibility, choice, and control required to adapt to their ever-changing needs.

We offer free training, certifications, and a generous free usage plan across our products. Our community Slack features Cribl engineers, partners, and customers who can answer your questions as you get started. We also offer a hands-on Sandbox for those interested in how companies globally leverage our products for their data challenges.

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