CriblCon 2023: Bringing Together Data Enthusiasts for Learning, Collaboration, and Fun in Las Vegas!

June 5, 2023
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Summer is the season of conferences and events, but there’s one gathering that stands out from the rest: CriblCon! If you’re a data enthusiast looking for the ultimate user conference to learn how to solve your current and future observability challenges, then mark your calendar for July 17th and get ready to head to Las Vegas!

And not just observability challenges. We’ll show you how to:

  • Easily get data into your analytics tools in the best format
  • Simplify data transformation and field extraction
  • The power of previewing data pipelines before you commit them to production
  • Easily deploy, manage, and upgrade fleets of data collectors and forwarders
  • Visibility into Kubernetes without prior instrumentation

At Cribl, we make the data engine for IT and Security AND we understand the power of collaboration, and that’s exactly what CriblCon is all about, data and collaboration. It’s a one-day user conference event where data enthusiasts from around the world can come together to share ideas, learn from the experts, and have some fun. You’ll hear how TransUnion routes data around the world, how Aflac enriches data for faster response times, and how others in pharmaceutical, retail, and finance are getting more from their existing tooling and staff with Cribl.


  • When: Monday, July 17: 8:00 AM-6:00 PM–keynote, customer sessions, hands-on lab content + demo expo (this part is $99, everything else is free!)
  • The CriblCon Herd Hullabaloo (Happy Hour): Monday, July 17: 6:00-9:00 PM
  • CriblCon Colab(oration) in the CooLAB: Tuesday, July 18-Thursday, July 20: 12:00-6:00 PM (Hours TBC)
    • Cribl Demo Stations
    • Ask the Experts Stations
    • Hands-On Labs
  • Registration Link
  • Learn more about the event

Are you curious about the agenda? Here’s a sneak peak:

Keynote: The Future of Observability

Digital transformations, cloud migrations, and persistent security threats turned observability from a niche concern to an essential capability in today’s organizations. We’re still in the early days of observability maturity, but early stumbles point to where observability must go in the future. This talk discusses where observability is today and the three critical areas necessary for observability to deliver on its promises throughout the enterprise and how Cribl solves these for customers.

In this talk, we will discuss what is observability and its value to the health and security of your business. What are your options to get started down the path to observability and how to build value and expand its impact across your business.


Routing Around the World with Cribl Stream!

Meet Your Business Goals Faster and More Affordably from Tool Evaluations, Migrations, Compliance Mandates, M&A and more

As a global company who operates in over 30 countries, shipping raw data across regional locations into a centralized data hub is an expensive and slow process. “Silo’ed” data hubs create their own problems as you do not get the full picture across regional sites. Cribl Stream gives us our cake and allows us to eat it too. Come see how aggregating and routing regional data around the world into a centralized hub and presenting it in a single pane of glass view helps everyone understand global health per region.

Enrichment: Better Data in→ Better Response Times Out

Context is king–that’s why optimizing your data, enriching it in the stream, and having the ability to see it and tweak it before sending it into analytics tools or storage can be a game changer. When you are reviewing or correlating the data to troubleshoot, run investigations and respond, think how much time your team can save by having the right geolocation, asset, timestamp and even threat intel already associated with the log data.

We had a fun time making this work–and you can too. We’ll show how you can set up and use a Redis cache along with Cribl Stream to enhance your data before sending it to its destination. We’ll cover how we imported a 34 million row CSV file into Redis and use the Redis function to match fields to records adding a new field used for faster identification of data once it is in Splunk.

Git and Get Going

The integration of Git in Cribl is a powerful tool for managing configurations and data pipelines in modern data architectures. It enables users to manage configuration files and pipelines as code, simplifying the deployment and management of pipelines. Users can track changes, collaborate on revisions and rollback to previous versions if needed.

A Data Engineers Journey to Modernizing with Cribl

Data engineering can be painful, time consuming and complicated. It requires working with data of all types, shapes and transport methods. The good news is, Cribl is here! On our journey we have seen it all, and learned a lot along the way, while migrating a large, diverse, set of data sources from legacy ingestion methods to Cribl. In this session, we will share the challenges encountered, lessons learned, best practices we adopted and things we just simply wish we knew from the start. Sit back and let us share with you our journey to modernizing data engineering using Cribl.

Getting _____________ for Less from Your Analytics

(More Data, Faster Data Onboarding, Better Performance, Accelerated Searches, Faster Response times and more!)

  • Todd Sherinian, Sr. Manager, Global Cyber Operations, CircleK
  • Jenna Eagle, Sr. Solutions Engineer, Cribl

Your analytics system of choice is probably pulling triple-duty for your enterprise–data collection, data storage, and its primary goal: analytics for monitoring, reporting and taking action. Over time, bloated indexes, outdated data models and just the sheer quantity of data makes it hard to quickly access the data you need when you need it.

In this session, we’ll help you re-think your approach to your data–what should go where, what specific fields, context and retention periods do you need for application monitoring vs. security investigations vs compliance reporting? When you get rid of the junk, you’ll find:

  • Search results will return faster
  • Dashboards will load faster
  • Hardware and/or cloud instances will run more efficiently
  • Teams will resolve issues faster and reduce MTTI/ MTTR
  • Pricing models based on compute become more affordable
  • People are happier!

Hands-on Labs

Take your skills to the next level by attending hands-on labs at CriblCon! You’ll have the opportunity to learn from experts and get hands-on experience with Cribl’s product suite. Practice in a safe and supportive environment while getting valuable tips from instructors and peers. Whether you’re an old goat or just starting out, the hands-on labs at CriblCon will help you take your Cribl powers to the next level and make you more valuable to your organization. These labs will be self-paced from Tuesday afternoon to Thursday evening in the CooLAB area

Advanced Lab: Building and Troubleshooting Pipelines

You know you can use Cribl Stream to get data from point A to point B, but let’s consider how we can make each data journey more efficient. We’ll talk through setting goals and strategies for your pipelines; the various components; considerations for pre-processing, functions, and optimizing RegExes. Then we’ll get hands-on with examples of how to do each step, and guidelines, tips and tricks along the way.

(Happy Hour) Herd Hullabaloo

Wait… What’s a Herd Hullabaloo? Well, a hullabaloo is a commotion, disturbance, uproar or fuss used to describe some kind of noisy argument. The (Happy Hour) Herd Hullabaloo is your place to unwind, discuss, agree, disagree, inquire, share thoughts, eat, drink, and be merry with the rest of the GOAT herd. At Cribl, we believe in the power of getting together IN PERSON to share ideas, swap stories with friends new and old and build relationships. That’s what this part-HAY is all about. If the rest of the event doesn’t sound like your cup of tea (or type of grass to graze), come on over after 6pm for the happiest hour we can offer!

P.S. this part of the event is free.

CriblCon CooLAB

Get ready to get your colab(oration) on in the CooLAB. That’s right, we’re bringing experts to collaborate with YOU and answer questions you might have about all things Cribl. Get ready to see the latest features in action in our product demos of Stream, Edge, and Search. But that’s not all! You have some architecture questions, our best and brightest architects will be there with whiteboards in hand ready to tackle some of your specific scenarios. We’ll also have Criblanians ready to tackle specific use case discussions like Syslog replacement / WEC replacement / SIEM enrichment / Cloud migration / Observability tool evaluation. And if you don’t see it on this list, don’t worry, drop by the #criblcon channel in our community Slack or the CriblCon usergroup group on Cribl.Curious and let us know what you’d like to see in Las Vegas. After all, this isn’t a mirage!

Are you convinced that CriblCon is the can’t miss event of the summer? Head on over to our registration page to save your spot!


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