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Embracing Our Heritage: Cribl Asian Network’s Celebration of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

May 26, 2023

As we wrap up Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, we want to highlight the benefits of our employee resource groups (ERGs) at Cribl for building relationships as a remote-first company, growing together, and building a company culture where everyone can be themselves. Our ERGs play a vital role in fostering a sense of community and cultivating an inclusive culture here at Cribl. These groups, led by our very own employees, are voluntary and offer a multitude of benefits including but not limited to: internal networking opportunities, a safe space for discussing challenges and solutions, mentorship and career development, and a platform for employees to connect, share, and grow together.

This month we’re highlighting Cribl Asian Network, our ERG supporting the AAPI community and allies with the purpose to: equip, empower, and enable Asian community in the workplace, and support opportunity advancement for all minorities.

You might be wondering, what exactly is AAPI Heritage Month? Well, it’s a month-long celebration held in May that honors and recognizes the contributions and achievements of Asian-Americans in our communities. AAPI Heritage Month celebrates communities encompassed in the Asia-Pacific region, which has a vast and diverse history that deserves to be cherished and shared, and our Cribl Asian Network (CAN) has created space for this community at Cribl through its year-long programming, community channel, and most importantly, its members that build it up! To add on to the festivities, we’re celebrating one year of CAN at Cribl! Let’s hear from our executive sponsor, Farrah Bui, who has been there through it all!

As the executive sponsor of Cribl Asian Network, I am so proud of the incredible work our ERG has accomplished. We welcomed over 90 members in the last year and hosted several major company-wide events attended by over 250 employees. I made the decision to sponsor this group because building a community where you can share your lived experiences has had a profound impact on my personal and professional journey.

In my day-to-day role, I lead Cribl’s Business Operations and Strategy teams, and I firmly believe that harnessing the power of diverse backgrounds fuels innovation. When we connect with each other on a human level, we foster accountability and a willingness to share new ideas. A culture that embraces diversity enables Cribl to be the place where you do your best work. – Farrah Bui, VP of Business Operations

To highlight some of the ways CAN has impacted our members and community check out the stories below.

Describe Your Experience as a Member of CAN and Also as an AAPI Community Member or Ally

It’s something I’ve learned to become proud of over time. Growing up, I often felt like I didn’t fully fit into American or Chinese culture. Now, I feel lucky to be able to experience both cultures, be part of the movement to build representation for the AAPI community, and hopefully pass the culture and traditions down to future generations. – Michelle Zhang

A place where I connect back to my roots. – Bharath Ram Ramanathan

I was introduced to my Chinese family when I was 20 years old. Growing up, I didn’t look like the family that raised me and there was so much secrecy around who half of me was. When I did meet them, I felt complete. The AAPI community allows me to identify with a culture I missed out on and helps me learn more about the other communities around me. – Danielle North

For me, it’s a special place where you can learn about new cultures and traditions, share your own experiences, and celebrate! It has definitely been a new experience for me, so it’s great seeing people from ALL walks of life coming together to celebrate and support one another! – Tommy Nguyen

CAN has helped me to better understand my own heritage and how to better work with my colleagues through insights into the cultures that make them who they are. I am grateful we as a company have carved out space for our diverse groups of employees to share their experiences. – Chris Rogers

The AAPI community at Cribl has made me a better ally and provided a wonderful place of celebration. Asian-American cultures are vast and uniquely special. It’s exciting to have a place to learn, celebrate, and share those cultures and experiences. – Jenn Kabler

How Does CAN Help Support You in Your Personal and Professional Goals?

CAN helped me make me feel like I’m at home at work and allows me to be myself. I’m also able to share my culture and learn from everyone else’s cultures. I have a lot more to learn every day and I’m excited to bring that knowledge home to my kids. – Edna Yan

I would say being in the CAN community supports me beyond personal and professional goals. The things you learn and experience, whether it be from the foods we ate growing up to the traditions we celebrate today, you’ll take it with you for LIFE. And in my opinion, all of these things add up to make you a better and more understanding person, which will apply to all aspects of your life, whether it be personal or professional. – Tommy Nguyen

It opens the door of communication and support for us to come together (safely) and share our experiences. It bridges the gap between colleagues who wouldn’t normally have a reason to connect with one another throughout the organization. And if I have the ability and turn a connection around into a meaningful relationship and provide any help to them professionally, then I CAN and will. – Danielle North

I think CAN gives its members and allies a better understanding of the unique considerations, cultures, and backgrounds of its AAPI employees. For me, CAN is a space where I can learn how to better support and lift up our AAPI employees. – Chris Rogers

CAN has allowed me to connect with other employees that I don’t typically work with on a day-to-day basis. It’s a great community of AAPI employees and allies where we can share our experiences, support one another, have fun together, and be there for each other. – Michelle Zhang

Goats are social animals, forming tight-knit herds, because their collective nature allows them to feel secure, establish hierarchies, and share resources. Similarly, being part of CAN fosters a supportive community, cultural understanding, and collaboration, which aligns with my desire to connect, contribute, and celebrate diversity meaningfully. – Bharath Ram Ramanathan

For me, personal growth is important. Having CAN has opened my eyes to so many new amazing traditions and holiday celebrations, and I’m very fortunate to be a part of this community. CAN has created a place to learn more about my co-workers, bringing us closer together across the world. – Jenn Kabler

What Was Your Favorite CAN Event/initiative Over the Past 12 Months?

Of course, learning often requires having fun, so our CAN ERG group has hosted multiple events over the past year including a Lunar New Year, Boba class, Holi celebration, Diwali celebration as well as discussions with noted experts on learning how to better support each other inside and outside of the AAPI community.

If I had to pick one, it would be Holi. I only vaguely knew of the holiday. Once I received my Holi kit from Cribl, I found a local Holi party and joined in the celebration. It was like nothing I had ever experienced and am looking forward to it again next year. – Jenn Kabler

Holi celebration, Diwali Celebration, and Japanese Internment observance! – Bharath Ram Ramanathan

I loved our most recent event for AAPI Heritage Month where we invited Benny Luo, CEO and Founder of NextShark to come to speak with us. He shared really great perspectives about the importance of our role in shaping the next generations to come, as well as how we can continue to support AAPI employees. I also loved our boba celebration because who doesn’t love boba? – Michelle Zhang

I recently joined Cribl, so the only event I’ve been privy to was the Benny Luo event. I found motivation and purpose in the why and how he got started with NextShark and by creating an online resource for the larger AAPI community. – Danielle North

Definitely Boba and the different pictures of Holi celebrations. I look forward to seeing even more events from the community! – Chris Rogers

BOBA!! The boba class was really fun! And delicious too! I love having boba, so being able to all get together(over zoom) to learn and make it, was awesome! There were some who never even heard of boba and walked away with a new delicious experience!

Now I’m going to have to get some boba today! – Tommy Nguyen

Cribl’s employee resource groups act as a valuable employee support system, offering education, mentorship opportunities, information sharing, and a safe space for group members. Through these support networks, our employees (we call them GOATS) can find guidance, build relationships, and receive assistance in various aspects of their professional and personal lives. At Cribl, we believe that ERGs are a cornerstone of our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and we encourage all employees to engage with these groups to shape the future of our company together!

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