How to Configure Multiple Worker Groups in Cribl.Cloud

September 7, 2023

Multiple Worker Groups are now live in Cribl.Cloud. Meaning, customers can add more Worker Groups to their Organization, gaining additional capabilities specific to Cribl.Cloud deployments! We offer flexibility, scalability, and cost management as part of this feature!

Flexibility to Provision and Deprovision Worker Groups at Will

Consider this use case: As a customer on an Enterprise plan, I do not want to use the default Worker Group. Instead, I want to track my infrastructure spend by Worker Group for extra visibility, which will allow me to forecast based on consumption trends.

First, here’s how to deprovision a Worker Group – in this case, default:

  1. Log in to your Cribl.Cloud portal.
  2. Click Manage Stream
  3. Click on the default Worker Group.
  4. From the default Worker Group’s submenu, select Group Settings.
  5. Toggle Provision infrastructure off, as shown below:

After a slight lag, this Group will go dormant: It will no longer draw on your credits for data throughput or infrastructure maintenance.

This gives you the power to provision only as many Worker Groups as needed, and to save costs on idle Worker Groups.

Provision a Default Worker Group

What about the reverse process: After we’ve deprovisioned a Worker Group, how do we reactivate it? There are a couple of ways, and we’ll look at both. These examples both demonstrate provisioning the same default Worker Group, but you’d use the same options for any other Group:

  • In your portal’s ribbon, click Access Details. In the resulting modal, click the Provision Now button. After a short lag, your Group will be provisioned and ready to process data. (When you first create a Cribl.Cloud Organization, you see the Worker Group is not provisioned message shown below. Your infrastructure is initially disabled by default, to ensure that you do not incur any costs until you are ready to get data flowing!)


  • Click the default Worker Group’s Group Settings (as shown in the preceding section), and provision the Worker Group in Stream by toggling Provision infrastructure on.

This capability allows you to add Worker Groups when you need to scale up throughput, or isolate specific data, or configure separate role-based access by Permissions.

How to Reduce Worker Count Within a Worker Group

By default, for the lowest ingest rate of 12 MB/sec, Cribl.Cloud allocates 2 Workers per Worker Group. However, what if we had increased the ingest rate – provisioning more Workers in the Group – and now we want to scale back to fewer Workers? Here are the steps:

  • Again select your Stream Worker Group, then click GroupSettings.
  • Change the Anticipated data ingest rate to a lower setting.. If you want to scale back your Group to the minimum 2 Workers, then the minimum ingest rate of 12MB/sec is the option to pick.

This ability to scale up and scale down will ensure that you provision Worker Groups to match your actual data ingest rate. You’ll save costs when you scale down that ingest rate, by rebalancing the infrastructure associated with it.

Our team was incredibly proud to bring this solution to our customers! If you’re ready to get started with Cribl.Cloud, we’ll give you up to 1 TB/day for free, and of course, if you have any issues – head on over to our Cribl Curious forum!


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