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Integrating Cribl LogStream with InfluxData

Nick Heudecker
Written by Nick Heudecker

December 15, 2020

As a leading time series database, InfluxData is a popular destination for LogStream data. LogStream collects and shapes ingested data, transforming it into metrics and sending that data to InfluxDB. Additionally, LogStream can send its internal metrics to InfluxDB for easier observability of its own performance. This article explores both options, as well as how to migrate between InfluxDB versions, or between InfluxDB and InfluxCloud.

The integration starts with having Telegraf send its data to Cribl LogStream via a standard source, like HTTP, popular metrics formats, StatsD, or JSON. The data can then be transformed to fit the specific schema for each of the data destinations. The routed data can then be sent out of the pipelines and finally land in the destinations. With the data flowing into the InfluxDB solutions, you can build out applications or use cases with the same data flowing into each platform.

Getting Started

  1. Download and install Cribl LogStream.
  2. Configure Telegraf based on the source format. Alternatively, you can send LogStream internal metrics to InfluxDB by configuring the Cribl Internal Source.
  3. Configure the InfluxDB Destination in Cribl LogStream.
  4. Create a default Route in Cribl LogStream.
  5. Create a Pipeline in Cribl LogStream to deliver the data to InfluxDB.

The Cribl LogStream community InfluxDB template can be used to visualize your Cribl LogStream system. It allows you to visualize things like events and bytes flowing into and out of LogStreamin and out, bytes in and out, sources, destinations and routes.

You can download it here (Template coming soon!)

Integration Details

Cribl LogStream can be used to help existing InfluxDB users migrate their data to either a newer version of InfluxDB or InfluxDB Cloud, without harming the data going to their legacy instance.

As an observability pipeline, Cribl LogStream can be used to collect logs and convert them to metrics. The data can also be masked to protect against PII or sensitive data leaks. Data can also be enriched prior to landing in your destination, allowing for better context to be added to events.

Getting Help

If you have questions about configuring this integration, drop into our Cribl Community Slack.

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