Introducing LogStream 3.0 and LogStream Cloud

May 18, 2021

Today we launched two major additions to the LogStream product world. LogStream 3.0.0, which will help novice to experienced users find value with LogStream even faster; and LogStream Cloud, our new LogStream as a Service which provides all the power and usability of LogStream with the convenience of a cloud service.

These are huge leaps forward for the Observability Pipeline that is being rolled out globally by the largest and most tech savvy developer and operations teams in manufacturing, retail, finance, robotics, and many more industries. 

The Criblanians rejoice with you on this day of release!!

LogStream 3.0


LogStream 3.0.0 Packs

LogStream 3.0 introduces Packs. Packs provide a way for LogStream customers to distribute important pipelines, lookups, data samples, and knowledge objects across distributed LogStream Deployments. Packs reduce the overhead of building and sharing LogStream content by allowing users to install from a single source of truth.

You can add new Packs directly from our public Github repository, via URL, or manage your own Packs library private to your organization. Join the #packs channel on the Cribl community Slack to connect with other pack developers, share your packs and receive packs from others.

Removal of non-inclusive language

From this point forward, Cribl will no longer be using terms that exclude and are insensitive to large parts of our community and customer base. In 3.0.0 the term Master will be replaced with Leader. The terms whitelist and blacklist will be replaced with the terms allowList and blockList. 

We are at an important moment for technology in which the industry is taking seriously many of the injustices and patterns of abuse that have been recounted over many decades by underrepresented persons. While changing terminology does not change the often exclusionary culture of technology in general, we want to make progress everywhere we can to build an inclusive environment for our users, community and employees.

More Upgrade Improvements – Still in Beta

3.0.0 just keeps on adding to the hits! We released the first set of capabilities for automatic upgrades of all workers from the Leader (requires an Enterprise license). In 3.0.0, we add support for rollback rules and a better user interface for managing automated upgrades. This feature has already gained quite a few fans internally and with some early adopters. Rollback capabilities provide additional operational guarantees that your LogStream environment is always up, and is always up to date.

The upgrade features are still in Beta, but are rapidly moving toward full release; please give them a spin in your dev or staging environment.

Read more about Automated Upgrades in the LogStream Docs 

The Data Flow Visualizer

LogStream 3.0.0 Data Visualization

LogStream is THE Observability Pipeline for the modern technology-driven company. Now we are providing even more observability into your actual data flows. The new Data Flow visualizer gives an end-to-end view of the flow of data from source to destination, tracking how your data changes as it moves through LogStream. Hover over and isolate specific flows to see if data is growing or shrinking in size, and to see all the locations that flow is feeding.

With a click, jump into detailed monitoring pages, or go directly to the source, route, pipeline, or destination itself. When people ask you “What is LogStream?” you can show them this, and they’ll get it.

KMS Integration with HashiCorp

Integrations are more than just sources and destinations. A robust enterprise product for any use case requires the ability to work with the best-in-class products from the broader management ecosystem. To that end, paid-license customers will be able to link their LogStream deployments to HashiCorp Vault, the leader in key and secret management. This integration will sync the Cribl.Secret, used to encrypt and decrypt anything in LogStream, to your HashiCorp Vault. This integration ensures that all of your encrypted tokens, passwords, and secrets remain safe and secure. Users will still be able to maintain their cribl.secret locally if they are not HashiCorp users.

Learn how to integration with HashiCorp

An Improved User Interface

We love clean, elegant, and easy-to-use interfaces. LogStream is an enterprise product in consumer UX clothing. In 3.0.0, we’ve updated the UI to provide more room to do critical work, while keeping every important navigation item and resource only a few clicks away.

LogStream in the Cloud

Just like Vanessa Williams, I’ve been saving the best for last (if you get that reference, congratulations for being old). LogStream in the Cloud is available today, for free up to 1TB of daily throughput. This means that anyone can get access to a fully managed LogStream environment in less than the time it took you to look up Vanessa Williams’ “Saving the Best for Last” video (posted here for even more time savings).

LogStream in the Cloud delivers all the power of LogStream, but without any of the administration and management overhead. Collect, route, transform, and send vast amounts of data through a LogStream instance hosted by the company that built it. For customers who have planned, or are in the process of, cloud migration, LogStream in the Cloud provides a self-service way to ensure maximum reliability and flexibility for all of your observability data.

Sign up for a free account today. All new customers will receive 500gb/day of throughput (data in and data out), with an additional 500gb/day for a limited time. That’s 1TB of observability data per day before spending a single cent. 

Get started with LogStream Cloud for free!

Sign-up for Cribl.Cloud

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