Just a Criblet of Learning Makes the Data Go Round

January 31, 2024
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Did you know that Cribl University is Cribl’s free online training platform, offering a wealth of knowledge in the form of self-paced, video-driven, and hands-on lab learning about our products and the data industry? But, of course, you’re probably already aware of that.

Many of you — more than 4,000 actually — are familiar with our Cribl Certifications. These are a series of technical certifications designed for senior data engineering professionals. They provide a step-by-step guide through the fundamentals of using Cribl products, helping you fully unlock the value of your IT and Security data. While we plan to expand our certification offerings in the upcoming quarters, there’s so much more to explore within Cribl University, including an ever-growing content library that includes a beneficial type of course — our small but mighty Criblets.

Criblets offers highly applicable training through concise, tidbit snippets covering critical topics. They’re a form of microlearning but with a way catchier name. Picture Criblets as the fun-sized candy bar of our training programs — brief, sweet, and irresistibly moreish.

This compact learning methodology delivers essential technical information in highly focused segments. They may be short in stature, yet large and in charge, akin to the pygmy goat of Cribl University courses. They’re designed to provide valuable insights on a single topic or skill, enabling learners to easily absorb and retain knowledge before progressing to the next subject. There is no risk of cognitive overload here, folks

Two types of Criblets currently exist – Troubleshooting Criblets and How-To Criblets – covering topics such as:

  • Attaching Workers to Leaders

  • How to Use Aggregate Metrics to Monitor Traffic Patterns

  • How to Create a Diagnostic Bundle

  • Commit & Deploy Troubleshooting Tips

While these Criblets are infused with the same witty goat puns our learners have come to expect from all Cribl materials, they are especially suitable for those who are short on time or prefer not to engage in lengthy training sessions. The topics are specifically chosen to help our learners excel in deploying, using, and managing data with Cribl products, both efficiently and effectively. And there’s so much more on the horizon, including Cribl.Cloud Criblets, Functions Criblets…give us a Cribl topic, and we can ‘Crib-let’ it!

Like all content at Cribl University, Criblets align with our training philosophy. They are designed to be consumed at the learner’s own pace and convenience. This makes them an impactful and flexible learning option that can also serve as a quick reference in real time. This blog is the first in a series to spotlight the invaluable training content available for FREE at Cribl University. Can I get a celebratory ‘woot woot’!?

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We offer free training, certifications, and a free tier across our products. Our community Slack features Cribl engineers, partners, and customers who can answer your questions as you get started and continue to build and evolve. We also offer a variety of hands-on Sandboxes for those interested in how companies globally leverage our products for their data challenges.


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