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My Summer as a Cribl Intern: 3 Things I’ve Learned

August 18, 2023
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As the first Intern in Talent Acquisition, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was so excited about this opportunity but have never had an actual corporate job or internship, and was a little nervous. How was I to know Cribl’s Culture was unlike any other company’s?! On day 1 at Cribl, I was welcomed in with open arms. At every team meeting or Individual call, I was Introduced and offered many tools and advice to help lead me to success. Every individual person showed me kindness and offered support in helping me to learn and grow throughout this internship. Even as a part-time Intern my ideas and input are valued. People care here at Cribl, they have gone above and beyond to give me a rich experience and grow my knowledge.

Danielle North, who I’ve reported to and who’s trained me throughout this journey, has made the transition to this internship go more smoothly than I would’ve imagined. Having someone be so genuine and caring while teaching me and advancing my skills was everything and more.

Beginning dialogues with a sense of humor and adding personality to a meeting not only makes one WANT to listen and WANT to learn, but it also makes you feel a sense of comfort.

She really made this experience what it was for me, incredible. Any future company will be hard to beat when it comes to company culture.

Shaping My Future Career

Interning at Cribl has been an amazing start to my professional career. The diverse roles and responsibilities I’ve been exposed to and learned about in these three short months will undoubtedly contribute to my future success. Having worked on various platforms and completed a range of projects, I’m excited to showcase this valuable experience. Some of the projects I’ve undertaken include creating SLA handbooks, crafting Greenhouse slide decks, gathering information using Excel, sourcing candidates through platforms like LinkedIn Recruit, Seekout, and Gem, as well as contributing to compensation tasks. This internship has equipped me with essential skills that will greatly benefit me in my future professional endeavors, not to mention the enjoyable interactions in various Slack channels.

The projects I’ve completed here at Cribl have played a significant role in enhancing my skill set. Typically, I would begin by receiving guidance and step-by-step instructions for a particular assignment, which greatly aided my understanding of the process. As my confidence grew, I was given the opportunity to independently apply what I had learned. One notable project I undertook was sourcing. This phase of my internship involved mastering the art of sourcing potential candidates for different job openings. I assumed the responsibility of initiating contact with these individuals, engaging in conversations, and directing them toward the appropriate parties to continue the hiring process.

Among my experiences, one achievement particularly stands out. Through my proactive efforts and newly acquired skills, I successfully identified a candidate who was an ideal fit for one of the roles. I initiated contact, guided them toward a recruiter, and experienced the culmination of my efforts when they were ultimately extended a job offer. Witnessing my tangible contributions and newfound skills directly translating into a concrete job opportunity for someone else was truly exhilarating.

Having acquired valuable skills at an exceptional company and having the chance to network and connect with wonderful individuals who contributed to my knowledge, I am confident that I will thrive in my future career. This would not have been possible without Cribl, which provided me with this incredible start.

3 Things I’ve Learned

While I have learned many things during my time at Cribl, I’ve identified three key takeaways that stand out from this experience.

First and foremost, I’ve come to embrace the significance of seeking assistance. As an intern navigating uncharted corporate waters, I confronted the initial hesitancy of seeking help and asking questions. I was a little apprehensive about asking for assistance and wasn’t sure if this would be seen as a weakness. However, I’ve learned that soliciting help and asking clarifying questions isn’t a sign of weakness, but rather a sign of professionalism and taking in more knowledge. Without asking questions I wouldn’t learn half as much and wouldn’t be completing projects to the best of my ability. I’m happy to say I am now confident that seeking help can advance your knowledge and ability to perform difficult tasks rather than be considered a hindrance.

The second takeaway that has resonated with me is the necessity of taking initiative. I reached out to individuals on my own with no instruction to do so, just so I could learn more. This proactive approach translated into offering assistance to team members in their projects and initiating dialogue with individuals across diverse departments. Through this bias for action, I learned additional skills and more about myself and the company. It also led me to ponder different professional roles and paths that are possible for me in the future. It showed me how many people are rooting for me to succeed and who would without a doubt help me if just reached out.

Lastly, I’ve had a newfound confidence in myself and my abilities. The challenges I’ve tackled and the growth I’ve experienced have paved the way for a self-assured outlook. Through seeking help, taking initiative, and embracing the unknown, I’ve not only gained knowledge but have also learned to trust in my capabilities. This freshly developed confidence has infused a renewed sense of enthusiasm and optimism into my approach toward both my professional endeavors and personal development. These skills and takeaways will undoubtedly propel me forward throughout my career.

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