An Observability Agent for the Cloud Era: Why Cribl Edge Matters

July 6, 2022
Categories: Engineering

A few weeks ago, I did a live Cribl Edge demo for the Cribl Community, and I wanted to explain more about the importance of Cribl Edge for IT admins. Managing traditional log shipping agents is very time-consuming and brittle. Just the act of a once-a-year upgrade can require the help of a kind god! Admins need help to make this vital workflow easier and faster so they can focus time on delivering value to the business. Cribl Edge provides the flexibility and control administrators love from Cribl Stream to log shipping agent management. Cribl Edge gives admins the power to manage and monitor agents in a consolidated easy-to-use console that includes complete control over upgrades.

Consolidated Monitoring and Management

Centralized management of Edge Node Fleets provides the ability to monitor, manage, and configure from a central console offering visual configuration authoring and version control at scale. Edge makes every aspect of agent management significantly easier for admins. Everyone has gotten a log onboarding request that contained log paths that were wrong which caused the request to be kicked back. With Edge, admins can see exactly which logs are on the host and read the contents of the file which makes it

Upgrades are on-demand, metric collection is your choice of a few clicks and no more having to master arcane YAML to set up a basic file monitor.

Move Intelligence to the Top of the Stack

Edge efficiently gathers and auto-discovers observability data at its source. Automatically discover, monitor, and collect host and container metrics, and collect logs from running applications. Edge is a must for Kubernetes coverage since it can be added as a daemonset instead of a sidecar, making it so much easier to collect data and Edge will scale as your K8 pod grows. No more waiting for delayed data or risk it being dropped due to queueing. Massive ease of use improves and you will find data you did not know was being created that will improve your telemetry coverage.

Boost APM Coverage from 10% to 100%

Cribl Edge directly integrates with AppScope, offering APM-like, no code instrumentation of any unmodified executable and application, delivering robust application visibility and also automatically collects application logs, without needing a side-car log collector. Edge makes it easy to collect AppScope’s rich telemetry and deliver only the data you require to the right analytics platform to drive your APM coverage.

Why Cribl Edge Matters

Edge’s easy-to-use interface and centralized management make it a good choice for organizations that need to collect data from a variety of sources. Additionally, its ability to ship data to a variety of destinations makes it a good choice for organizations that are using multiple data analytics platforms. Overall, Edge is a flexible and easy-to-use data tool that can be used to collect, process, and ship data to a variety of destinations. Edge enables admins to explore logs, metrics, and application data at their egress points. Performing data exploration closer to the source provides the option to interrogate the data before deciding to collect and process it.

With its easy-to-use interface and centralized management, Edge can automatically collect logs, metrics, and application data at scale in any Linux or Windows environment, Edge is the tool for you.

Ready to get started? Try Cribl’s free, hosted Edge Sandbox. I’d love to hear your feedback; after you run through the sandbox, connect with me on LinkedIn, or join our community Slack and let’s talk about your experience!

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