Watch Cribl’s Presentation at Security Field Day 2022

November 20, 2022
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Security teams everywhere are struggling under increasing data volumes, tool sprawl, and staffing challenges. Simply onboarding a new data source takes teams weeks or months. Then they have to make sense of signal vs the noise, and don’t get me started on budget challenges to store all this stuff for years at a time. Many security teams are turning to Cribl to get a handle on these data challenges. From enrichment to routing to Replay, Cribl Stream is solving massive problems with security data.

Last week, Cribl presented at Security Field Day 2022. #XFD8 brought together the best independent thought leaders and companies within the security space to discuss advancing technology and core issues surrounding enterprise IT security. The event featured 6 presenting companies and 12 independent thought leaders whose sole purpose is to get into the weeds on various topics within the security community.

What did Cribl Present at Security Field Day?

After I did an introduction to the company, Jackie Maguire spoke about the benefits of our products for security professionals. Next, Cory Wallace did live demos of Cribl Stream, Edge, and Search. Oliver Draese, a Sr Principal Software Engineer on our Search team was also on hand to answer anyways. Cribl Search turns the traditional search process on its head, allowing users to search data in place. No longer must data be collected and moved to storage before being examined, now administrators can search data at the edge, moving through an observability pipeline, stored in a data lake, or even stored in their existing solutions like TSDBs or log stores. Cribl’s Ed Bailey, our Senior Technical Evangelist, was on the live stream remotely answering questions about customer use cases with Cribl Stream.

Watch Cribl at Security Field Day On-Demand


Solving Security’s Data Problem

Exploring Cribl Stream and Cribl Edge

Cribl Search

Live Demo of Cribl’s Products


#XFD8 Discussion

The Twitter discussion during Security Field Day was a great experience for those unfamiliar with Cribl. We participated in the live discussion on our Twitter account, and here are a few of our favorite tweets.

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