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Customers First Always: Cribl’s Support Team Shines in Gartner Peer Insights™

June 22, 2023
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Easy to implement, effective data management tools that provide fast time to value are the exception rather than the rule, and top-notch support for those tools is also hard to come by. That’s why Cribl prioritizes creating products that make the lives of engineers and systems admins as easy as possible. The reviews on Gartner Peer Insights give us a glimpse into how well we’re holding up our end of the bargain.

Support Through Every Step of the Process

Cribl Stream is our vendor-agnostic observability pipeline that gives you the flexibility to collect, reduce, enrich, normalize, and route data from any source to any destination. We built it with our users in mind, to make sure it would be an easy tool for them to onboard — but we also make sure we’re there to guide users through as much of that process as they need.

Reviews like this one for Cribl Stream make us feel like we’re on the right track:

“In my experience, support during your discovery/proofing phase pre-purchase is typically top-notch but falls off post-sales. Cribl did an excellent job exceeding the bar of support set during the pre-sales cycle. Their professional services/implementation team is patient, professional, and left you feeling [like] your success is a top priority.”

Quality Support Via Slack & Cribl Curious Communities

Our Slack channel and recently relaunched Cribl Curious community are active spaces where users can get support from us — and from each other as well. Another Gartner Peer Insights review mentions how “the slack channel [is] always buzzing with help and ideas.”

Anyone is welcome to join and learn within these groups — a couple of users were pleasantly surprised at the quality of support they received:

“[Cribl’s] engineers are exceptionally well educated and are able to help facilitate support across a broad spectrum of use cases.”

“[I] was under pressure to provide a POC solution to ‘fix’ another strategic product. The support guys quickly confirmed Cribl could meet my requirements and how to achieve it. They also pointed me to all the documents and free online training needed to understand how to do this in my environment…I am completely new to this type of tool, and I have the free version. Even so, support [was] quick to respond and generous with their knowledge. Truly appreciate this.”

Readily Available Training Tools and Sandboxes

The online training mentioned above is available in our sandboxes, where you can try out Stream and other tools like Cribl Edge — and more in-depth courses and certifications are available at Cribl University. Here’s how one user describes these resources:

“I love that the training and sandboxes are there to use and are free… The support team on Slack is very quick to respond, and with an entire user community being willing to help, it makes the unknowns much more easy to tackle.”

Packs for Easy Deployment and Redeployment

To make using Stream as seamless as possible, we have several Packs available that allow customers to build and share configuration models — including pipelines, lookups, data samples, and knowledge objects — across distributed Cribl Stream deployments.

If you have worker groups that are geographically aligned but need to share pipelines, you can create a pack of the pipeline configuration and then simply deploy it in all the worker groups you need it in. Want to develop your pipeline in your dev environment, but have an automated way to deploy it in your production environment? Create the pack in dev, test it, and then deploy it in production when you’re happy with it.

The usefulness of the packs in our Packs Dispensary has come up a few times when reviewers are asked, “What do you like most about the product or service?

“Ease of deployment and administration, customizable plug-and-play configuration packs, prompt and knowledgeable support.”

“I love the community drive for trying to build the product through open source means and internally with the packs. This will allow for faster development cycles and greater use cases.”

At Cribl, our customers are our first priority, so we’re constantly trying to improve our products and make them as valuable as possible. Join our Slack channel or become part of the Cribl Curious community and let us know how we’re doing!

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Cribl, the Data Engine for IT and Security, empowers organizations to transform their data strategy. Customers use Cribl’s suite of products to collect, process, route, and analyze all IT and security data, delivering the flexibility, choice, and control required to adapt to their ever-changing needs.

We offer free training, certifications, and a generous free usage plan across our products. Our community Slack features Cribl engineers, partners, and customers who can answer your questions as you get started. We also offer a hands-on Sandbox for those interested in how companies globally leverage our products for their data challenges.

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