The Internet Is Buzzing About Cribl Search and Our Series D Funding!

June 2, 2022

It’s been an exciting few days at Cribl. A week ago, we announced our $150 Million Series D funding round led by Tiger Global, with participation from existing investors IVP, CRV, Redpoint Ventures, Sequoia Capital, and Greylock! We also announced an exciting new product: Cribl Search! We’ve been blown away by the excitement from our customers thus far. We’ve got a lot more to share on Cribl Search in the coming months as it gets closer to its general release, and we’re still taking applications for Cribl Search Development Partners. We’re excited about the number of applications thus far!

We believe that Cribl Search will transform how enterprises think about data accessibility. Cribl Search will perform “search-in-place” queries on any data, in any format, at any location – at the edge through Cribl Edge, in flight through Cribl Stream, in an organization’s observability lake, or even within existing systems – vastly increasing the scope of analysis without requiring the cost or complexity of first shipping, ingesting, and storing the data. With Cribl Search, we’re addressing today’s problems with a first-principles approach with the first federated search product where we are NOT looking to be the data store. With Cribl, you ALWAYS own your data.

With the announcement of our Series D funding round, the excitement was felt all across the internet, with many well-known publications covering the announcement. We’ve rounded up some of the places you can learn more about our Series D funding round and Cribl Search.

Cribl raises $150M to beat back rival observability tools – TechCrunch

Though there are many companies angling to get into the observability space, from legacy enterprise IT companies to brand-new startups, what we hear from our customers is that we’re the only one offering a truly vendor-neutral, agnostic enterprise software solution,” Sharp said. “Cribl stands for choice, and is open and interoperable by design, because we understand that businesses deploy many tools for many reasons.

Data observability company Cribl raises $150M – VentureBeat

In terms of how a company might use Cribl search, well, the use-cases are endless. A company with thousands of Kubernetes instances powering numerous types of applications can generate multiple terabytes of telemetry data each day. The time it takes to transport all that information into a centralized repository for deeper analysis and troubleshooting can be the difference between winning and losing customers. Cribl Search takes all this spadework to the source of the data, allowing users to search against data stored in the likes of Splunk, Elasticsearch, or OpenSearch.

Observability vendor Cribl announces major new Cribl Search product, and raising of $150M Series D Funding round – ChannelBuzz

It is unique in that it is designed to search data in place, whether it is at the edge, or in Snowflake,” he said. It really flips the observability market on its head, from a situation now where the problem is that data is everywhere in many different tools. This also really moves us from being mainly an observability pipeline to being a broader suite.

Sharp also stressed that Cribl Search is fundamentally different from other search tools in another key respect.

We are the first federated search product where we are NOT looking to be the data store,” he said it. “The customer owns it. We deal with raw data at rest and in their existing tools, which allows them to address massively greater quantities of data like data lakes.

Cribl raises $150M in late-stage funding round as it launches new data search tool – SiliconAngle

The launch of Cribl Search builds on that base product, providing a way for companies to perform “search-in-place” queries on their data where it resides, without the need to send it through this switchboard first. That eliminates the need for teams to ingest, ship and centrally store telemetry data before it can be analyzed, the company said. Data can be searched in flight via Cribl Stream, or at the edge where it’s first created using Crible Edge. That’s a tool used to collect observability data from applications and devices running on the edge of the network. Cribl said the main advantage of Cribl Search is that it helps companies eliminate blind spots in their data operations without hurting the productivity of whatever limited resources they may have.“With this new funding helping us build toward Cribl Search and beyond, we look forward to breaking down the barriers to entry that challenge many organizations’ observability practices and giving our customers the choice and control they need to leverage observability,” said Cribl co-founder and Chief Executive Clint Sharp.

Cribl Announces $150M Series D, Launches Cribl Search – Datanami

Five years ago, we started Cribl to help IT and security practitioners unlock the full power of observability,” said Clint Sharp, CEO and co-founder of Cribl. “As our company continues to grow and innovate, we see an even broader mission: to chart the future of the observability category. With this new funding helping us build toward Cribl Search and beyond, we look forward to breaking down the barriers to entry that challenge many organizations’ observability practices and giving our customers the choice and control they need to leverage observability to both improve IT operations and drive business outcomes.

Cribl Raises $150M to Incubate New Observability Features – ISMG Network News

Roughly half of Cribl’s business is in the security space today, and Sharp says the company’s data-routing capabilities make it easier for customers to onboard data onto their security information and event management, or SIEM, and user and entity behavior analytics, or UEBA, tools. Cribl can help security customers control costs by eliminating noise, waste and data that isn’t particularly interesting to them, according to Sharp.

A lot of logging data isn’t useful for customers, and Sharp says Cribl’s technology can free up capacity for data they actually want to get into their SIEM by eliminating fields the customer doesn’t care about. Even though CISOs don’t spend much time on their logging tools, Sharp says they tend to eat up a significant portion of the department’s budget.

To our customers, we look forward to continuing to build products you love, now and into the future. One of our values is customers first, always. We look forward to keeping that commitment in the days to come. If Cribl sounds like a place you’d like to join, we’re hiring across the company!

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