What Customers are Saying About Cribl Stream on Gartner Peer Insights™

April 26, 2023

Since day one, Cribl has been on a mission to give users more control and more value from their observability and security data. We had a feeling that putting customers first would be the key to unlocking that value, so “Customers First, Always” went at the top of the list when the time came to talk about company values.

That’s why if there are any issues or commonly requested features that pop up, we add it right to the queue of updates to add to future versions of our products. The origins of Cribl Search came from feedback like this, where a happy Cribl Stream user was looking for a better way to search their numerous data sources. Our latest releases of these two products, along with Cribl Edge, include more of this type of customer input.

We also keep a close eye on what value users are getting from our products — our Slack community is an invaluable source of information, and Gartner Peer Insights provides a lot of actionable, objective, and sometimes entertaining feedback. These are some benefits users are getting from our flagship product, Cribl Stream.

Fast Time to Value and Ease of Implementation

One of our favorite reviews from a customer on Gartner Peer Insights said Stream “Makes child’s play out of taming the 800lb gorilla in our observability toolset.” The only downside of anonymous reviewers is that we can’t personally thank them for the best review title of all time. They go on to say that:

“Cribl Logstream quickly became an essential tool in our observability pipeline. Within 30 days of deployment, we began to see a significant improvement in our current log management tools and gained the ability to easily redirect or duplicate targeted events and metrics to other tools.”

Fast time to value is something that we’re also dedicated to, so we’re excited whenever that’s a noticeable part of the user experience. Thirty days is pretty quick by traditional industry standards, but it seems like ages if you operate on Cribl time. Admins are usually taken aback by how fast they are able to get value — lots of times, it’s within an hour. They are also pleasantly surprised at how easy Cribl is to implement and use overall:

“This is the first product I have been able to immediately see a rough visual of all log source[s], making it easy to see when a source drops completely. While customizing your pipelines or manipulating your data sources, Cribl provides the built-in ability [to see/test] the changes you are making.”

Cribl Packs provide a way for Cribl Stream customers to build and share configuration models, making implementation and testing integrations even easier:

“Capturing live events into sample files makes testing pipeline changes very simple. No programming skills are required to implement pipelines with a tremendous ROI… The number of prebuilt integrations with a large array of sources and destinations makes integration into an existing environment extremely easy.”

Resolve Licensing Issues and Route Data to Multiple Locations

The ability to reduce the amount of data you ingest and send that data to multiple locations are some of the areas where Stream makes the biggest impact:

“I love Cribl [Streams]’s ease of use. Creating routes is simple, GUI based, and makes it easy for even the end user to create… [It’s] a simple tool to install and configure…that has solved logging licensing issues and moving logs to multiple locations (i.e. SIEM/Storage).”

“It’s a great tool and [works] as I expected. It solved logging licensing issues and you can quickly reroute data to multiple destinations.”

“[Stream] allows for easy scalability and allows [us] to bring EPS down…allowing us to focus on the data that matters and filtering out the data that does not. Really excited to continue to work with this software and [see] where it can help take us in the future.”

We’re also excited to see what the future holds — it’s hard to describe the excitement we feel when real customers describe our product as “the tool perfect for orgs that want to level up their log ingestion” and say that there’s “nothing comparable in this IT-sector.” Does it get any better than that? We’re going to stay the course and see if it can — let us know what other capabilities you’re looking for and how else we can support you by joining our community.

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