Why Netbuilder’s Service Model Is a Win-Win for the Company and Its Clients

April 18, 2024
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In the rapidly evolving world of IT and security data management, companies are constantly seeking ways to optimize their operations and harness the full potential of their data. This is where NETBuilder comes into the picture, offering a service model that benefits both the company and its clients. I recently chatted with Stuart Bowell, Global Head of Observability, at NETBuilder about the various services and solutions they offer. I’ll recap it below, or you can watch the video.

NETbuilder has been a significant player in the consultancy space for over two decades, placing over 10,000 consultants across various IT sectors. Their unique approach to consultancy, particularly in the observability practice, sets them apart from traditional service providers.

The L+N Model: A Unique Approach to Consultancy

At the heart of Netbuilder’s success is its L+N model, which combines the expertise of a leader (L) with the fresh talent of engineers (N). This model allows clients to benefit from the experience and knowledge of a senior consultant while also leveraging the skills of multiple engineers who are well-versed in various technologies. This ensures a high-quality engagement and provides a cost-effective solution for clients.

The Observability and Security Landscape

Netbuilder’s observability practice is relevant today as companies transition from on-premises data centers to cloud environments. Observability tools have become essential for monitoring and understanding IT systems, and Netbuilder’s multi-skilled consultants are adept at deploying various technologies to meet clients’ needs.

The observability space is witnessing a shift from merely monitoring events to understanding why and how they occur. This shift is crucial for companies to protect their reputation, ensure business continuity, and stay ahead of the competition. Netbuilder is at the forefront of this shift, helping clients develop observability strategies encompassing cybersecurity and other facets of IT.

The Value of Data Retention and Strategy

One of the challenges companies face is managing the vast amounts of data they generate. Netbuilder assists clients in categorizing and tagging data, simplifying routing it to appropriate destinations. This strategic data management approach makes it more maintainable and unlocks the potential for future use cases.

Expanding Horizons and Building Partnerships

Looking ahead, NETBuilder is focused on expanding its global presence, with plans to open new offices in Australia and other regions. The company is also keen on forging new technology partnerships and reseller agreements to become the “partner of partners” in the IT consultancy space.

The Takeaway

Netbuilder’s service model is a testament to the company’s commitment to delivering value to its clients. By providing a blend of seasoned leadership and skilled engineers, Netbuilder ensures that clients achieve their immediate project goals and build in-house expertise for the future. As the observability and security landscape continues to evolve, Netbuilder’s approach positions them as a valuable ally for any company looking to navigate these changes successfully.


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