Welcome to Cribl Engineering:
Where Innovation Meets Irreverence

Why Cribl?

Because We Don’t Just Build Products, We Build Careers.

At Cribl, we’re not just another tech company; we’re a hub for innovators, problem solvers, and team players who want to shape the future. We offer more than just a job; we provide the canvas for building a category, a company, and a kick-ass career.

Why Are We Here?

Our Purpose

Give innovators and problem solvers the chance to build a category, a company, and their careers.

Our Mission

Build high-quality products that empower customers to maximize the value of all IT and Security data.

Our Vision

Create a generational company driven by employees dedicated to helping IT and security practitioners unlock value from all telemetry data. We nurture diversity and grow people and their careers.

Our Promise

We are committed to hiring bar raisers and giving them the projects, guidance, and career roadmaps needed to succeed. We proudly build products that make life better for our customers and employees.

Why You'll Love Working with Cribl Product and Engineering:

At Cribl, we’re not just building for the sake of it. We focus on solving problems that matter, starting from the root cause. We’re not here to tweak existing solutions; we want to understand why they’re not cutting it for our customers and build from there. Our approach involves listening, trying, learning, and iterating – with a commitment to getting 1% better every day.
We believe in living in the product every day. It’s not just about coding; it’s about understanding the customer experience deeply. Working with the product day in and day out helps us create better workflows, improve clarity in language and next steps, and surface features that truly matter. We don’t just “think like the user”; we make it a part of our DNA. Our strong relationships with customers via community platforms ensure we treat them as an extension of our team.
We thrive on a diverse and rapid feedback loop, engaging stakeholders across the business. FAFO is our mantra – we iterate, learn, innovate, and have fun. We believe in getting ideas into production swiftly, evaluating impact, and fostering fearless experimentation. Our culture encourages pushing boundaries and exploring uncharted territories. Through retrospection, we refine our approach to maintain a dynamic learning environment. Yes, we FAFO – but we never leave behind our ability to laugh at ourselves and have fun with our awesome team.

Our Values

Cribl, like all companies, is a collection of individuals with diverse backgrounds and unique stories. We all come to this company with our own personal values, but as we come together collectively we want to align the company around a shared set of values that we embrace. These values serve as guidance to our current and future employees as to what makes Cribl, Cribl

Customers First, Always

First we help customers. Then everything else.

Irreverent, but Serious

We are a serious company with a love for goats and jokes.


We seek to understand problems and the people who have them before taking action


Trust is earned when everyone is on the same page.


We are collaborative. We are kind. We are open.

Ready to Join Cribl?

Let’s Build Something Extraordinary Together! Apply now and be part of a culture that values innovation, irreverence, and a damn good time. At Cribl, we’re not just writing code; we’re rewriting the rules. Join us: your career will thank you.

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