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Services Addendum

1. Application and Scope.

This services addendum (“this Services Addendum”) applies to Services that Cribl may provide to you through an applicable Order under Cribl’s Standard Terms of Service or other written agreements between you and Cribl that incorporate this Services Addendum by reference (“Applicable Agreements”). “Order” is defined under Cribl’s Standard Terms of Service.

This Services Addendum supplements Applicable Agreements. In the event of a conflict between this Services Addendum and an Applicable Agreement, the terms and conditions of this Services Addendum shall control unless specifically superseded by the terms and conditions provided in an Applicable Agreement.

2. Services.

Cribl will provide you with Services as agreed to by you and Cribl in an Order under an Applicable Agreement. Services may include delivery services, advisory services, or other services and deliverables (“Services”). Delivery services may include direct assistance with deployments, custom configurations, integrations, and other related services. Advisory services may include assistance with implementation and technical questions that do not involve access to or configuration of your systems. Other services may include professional services.

Cribl will provide all Services with the highest standard of skill, diligence, and effort applicable to Services provided in this industry. Cribl will devote the resources necessary to complete all Services in the timeframes provided in the applicable statement of work.

3. Service Packages and Service Credits.

Orders under an Applicable Agreement shall document the purchase of Services under an applicable Order. Services may be purchased as service packages for fixed, pre-defined Services provided by Cribl or an authorized partner (“Service Packages”), or as service credits that can be used to obtain any type of Services provided by Cribl or an authorized partner (“Service Credits”).

You must provide payment for applicable Orders before Cribl will begin providing Services. Service Packages not used within 90 days of an applicable Order will be lost with no refund except as provided overwise by the given Service Package. Service Credits not used within 365 days of an applicable Order will be lost with no refund. Service Packages and Service Credits cannot roll over or be transferred.

4. Intellectual Property.

Cribl reserves all rights to all products, services, and information offered through Cribl’s website, https://cribl.io, and Cribl.Cloud, https://cribl.cloud, including all intellectual property rights related to Services and Cribl’s products and services except as Cribl provides otherwise (“Cribl Products”).

Cribl reserves all right to all software, services, deliverables, or other work product related to or developed through Services except as specifically provided by an applicable Order, as well as all pre-existing methodologies, tools, techniques, software, and other intellectual property owned by Cribl, modifications to or configurations of Cribl Products made while performing under this Services Addendum, and any methodologies, tools, techniques, software, or other intellectual property developed while performing Services.

You own all rights related to deliverables provided to you under this Services Addendum to the extent specifically provided in an applicable Order. Such work products are works made for hire. If no rights to a deliverable are specifically provided in an applicable Order, Cribl retains all rights related to the deliverable. You may use such deliverables provided to you under this Services Addendum as provided in an applicable Order.

5. Statements of Work and Service Briefs.

Except for Services provided as Service Packages, the Services provided under an Order shall be described in statements of work issued under the Order by agreement between you and Cribl. Statements of work provide the technical details, deliverables, timeframes for the delivery of the Services and deliverables, and other terms relevant to the Services to be provided. Statements of work also set out the applicable usage and usage rates of Service Credits. Statements of work are not required for purely advisory services so long as applicable usage and usage rates of Service Credits are set out in an applicable Order or are otherwise agreed to in writing by you and Cribl.

Services provided under an Order for a Service Package, shall be provided as described in applicable service briefs provided on Cribl’s website at https://cribl.io/legal/service-briefs/. Applicable service briefs are incorporated by reference into this agreement. Cribl may change service briefs after providing notice on the website of the changes; changes to service briefs become effective as provided in the notice. Your Services will be subject to applicable service briefs in effect on the effective date of an applicable Order.

6. Deliverables.

Cribl will provide deliverables that substantially conform to the description provided in the applicable statement of work or service brief for a period of up to thirty (30) days after the date Cribl provided the deliverable. If a deliverable does not substantially conform to the description during that period, you must notify Cribl of the non-conformity during the thirty-day period. Upon notice, Cribl will correct the deliverable so that substantially conforms to the applicable description or, if Cribl cannot correct the service deliverable, credit you for the Service Credits attributable to developing that service deliverable, or credit you for the reasonable portion of the Service Package attributable to developing that service deliverable.

You cannot download, deploy, or use deliverables in any way that violates any legal requirement or right of a third party. You cannot modify deliverables, create derivative works from deliverables, or reverse engineer any part of deliverable unless you own the deliverable as provided under this Services Addendum.

7. Meetings.

Cribl may perform Services through meetings scheduled with you at times, and for specific periods of time, that are mutually agreed in a statement of work or other writing. You must provide at least 48-hours’ written notice to cancel or change the length of scheduled meetings. If you fail to provide such notice, the meeting will be subject to the full charge for the originally scheduled meeting.

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