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Cribl University Terms and Conditions

  1. Your use of Cribl.Cloud, Stream, Cribl University, or any Cribl Products, is governed by our terms and conditions at https://cribl.io/legal/terms/.
  2. You consent to Cribl using your contact information (e.g., name, email, position, and phone number) for periodic, relevant marketing or sales purposes – for example, to notify you of promotions, opportunities, or events that relate to Cribl Products. However, you may unsubscribe at any time from receiving marketing emails by replying “UNSUBSCRIBE,” or by clicking the “UNSUBSCRIBE” button at the bottom of our emails. No hard feelings. Unfortunately, you cannot opt out of receiving emails relating to your ongoing use of your Cribl University or Cribl.Cloud account with us and/or our Subscription Service, including receipts and purchase confirmations. We collect personal information from our users and customers to conduct ongoing marketing and promotional activities. NOTE: WE PROMISE NOT TO SELL YOUR INFORMATION TO THIRD PARTIES. For additional information about our privacy and data protection policies and practices, please visit www.cribl.io/legal/privacy.
  3. You understand that Cribl University offerings are provided to you for educational use only. Unless expressly permitted by Cribl (which can be through an invitation to download, store, or share), recording, storing, copying, or downloading of any video, presentation, or exchange in Cribl University is strictly prohibited. Additionally, you are not permitted to make any commercial use of the materials we give you access to. You ARE permitted to take notes for your use and information while in this platform and of course, we encourage you to take the information and experience from Cribl University back to your companies to get the most out of our Products and offerings!
  4. Finally, because we are offering certifications through this program, you consent to Cribl retaining records of your attendance, participation, accomplishments and graduation (!) from Cribl University courses for a period of five (5) years. This consent also allows us to verify the details of your participation in our program when inquired by third parties in any manner we may deem efficient and appropriate – which could be in the form of posting the names and positions of graduates on our website or by simply holding that data and only releasing it upon request – but in any event, it will be in our sole discretion.

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