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CriblCon Call For Papers Terms

These CriblCon Call For Papers (“Call For Papers”) Terms of Service supplement Cribl’s Privacy Policy incorporated herein by reference (collectively, “the Agreement”). Your continued use of, access to, and participation in Call For Papers constitutes your acceptance of the Agreement and your attestation that you are at least eighteen (18)
years of age.

Call For Papers is our way of highlighting specific use cases of Cribl Products. We seek to identify and elevate those individuals who have identified value in their uses of our Products and hope to spread the Gospel of Cribl’s uses for all to see. The Cribl team will be responsible for selecting participants, scheduling, and arranging presentations as determined by us. If selected for further participation in the Call For Papers program, we will ask for your explicit consent to record a presentation which we will then use to highlight submission topic and content on Cribl’s website, on social media, and in promotional materials, at our option.

By providing a submission in Call For Papers, you hereby agree to the following:

  • You shall comply with all laws applicable to your participation in Call For Papers, your use of Cribl Products and/or your distribution and use of promotional materials;
  • If Cribl determines that you have violated the terms of this Agreement, then upon notice from Cribl, you will promptly remediate any such issues, or cease use of all promotional materials;
  • You must not misrepresent your knowledge of Cribl services in your submission, and you will not make any statements that are contrary to the terms of this Agreement or to any reasonable request by Cribl;
  • You will not suggest or represent that an acceptance into the Call For Papers promotion creates any warranty or guarantee of your abilities with regard to any Cribl service;
  • You will not engage in any fraud, misconduct, or engage in anything that negatively affects Cribl or the reputation of Cribl, Cribl’s marks, or Cribl Products; and
  • You will not state, imply, or infer that you, or any third party, has any relationship with Cribl, including any preferred status, affiliation, endorsement, partnership or recommendation from or by Cribl.

Restrictions on use

Writing about the Call For Papers is encouraged as long as a link back to the domain in question is included, and provided that no action, omission, or statement made in connection with your submission or representation will disparage, dilute, tarnish, or negatively impact the reputation or goodwill associated with Cribl, Cribl’s marks, or Cribl Products. In addition, you may not:

  • Resell, modify, or exploit Cribl content in any way that infringes upon Cribl’s intellectual property rights, or violates this Agreement or applicable law;
  • Exert any ownership or other intellectual property rights in Cribl content, submissions, or presentations;
  • Register any Cribl Marks or any confusingly similar marks or logos with the United States Patent and Trademark Office or any other such office, or combine the material submitted in the Call For Papers submission or presentation with any Cribl Marks with any other word, design, or mark; or
  • Use Cribl Marks without Cribl’s prior written consent, except as otherwise permitted by this Agreement.


All Call For Papers submissions and content created in conjunction with participation in the program are owned solely by Cribl, and nothing in these Terms provides you with a license or right to copy, maintain, use or run such Call For Papers content except as expressly and otherwise provided herein. Your submission of material to Cribl for participation in the Call For Papers program does not constitute joint ownership in Cribl’s intellectual property. If selected for further participation in this program any such content or presentation must be approved by Cribl prior to presentation and your participation in its creation will not constitute joint ownership in Cribl’s intellectual property.


If you send Cribl any feedback, ideas, or suggestions regarding Call For Papers or Cribl Products (“Feedback”), such Feedback will be the exclusive property of Cribl, and Cribl may use it for any purpose. To the extent you own any rights in the Feedback, you agree to assign and hereby do assign to Cribl all right, title and interest in and to the Feedback, and you acknowledge and agree that Cribl is under no obligation to compensate or credit you for such assignment.


Cribl may collect personal information about you during your submission or further participation in the Call For Papers. If Cribl collects personal information, Cribl and any subprocessors will process that information in accordance with Cribl’s Privacy Policy. If you provide a submission for participation or are later selected for presentation in Call For Papers, you are consenting that Cribl may share your submission and presentation on its website or in marketing materials for promotional purposes. This may include individual data such as your name, corporate affiliation, and a video or audio recording of your presentation.


Unless otherwise agreed in writing, no Call For Papers content can be sold or used for profit by you or your company or agency.

Independent Contractors

You acknowledge that nothing herein shall be construed as creating a partnership, agency, or any form of joint enterprise based on this Agreement, your participation in Call For Papers, or the use, display, or promotion of your submissions or presentations. Selection for participation does not establish an affiliation between you and Cribl, give you any preferential treatment over other users, or represent any endorsement or recommendation by Cribl.

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