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Cribl.Cloud Migration


Cribl’s Cloud Migration Service makes transitioning from your self-managed Cribl deployment to Cribl’s unified cloud platform faster, easier, and more effective. With Migration Service, you will receive guidance from dedicated Cloud experts to make this transition as seamless as possible. Minimize downtime and mitigate disruptions to your ongoing operations.

How It Works

Cribl will provide the service activities described in the Migration Scope. Our Cloud advisors work closely with you to implement a proven migration plan customized to your specific needs and limitations. They will create an updated architecture document mapping out all requirements for the migration. Our advisors will also collaborate with internal Cribl teams to ensure a smooth and efficient migration process.

The Cribl.Cloud migration starts with a detailed evaluation of your current deployment through a screen-sharing session. This includes assessing sources, destinations, routes, and pipeline configurations. The configurations will be exported, tested, and then imported into your Cribl.Cloud organization for validation. Once the configurations are confirmed, our consultants will work with you to schedule the cutover.

Our advisors will provide ongoing support and guidance during the entire migration process, ensuring your team is well-equipped to handle and maintain your Cribl.Cloud configuration. From initial planning to post-migration assistance, our experts are dedicated to ensuring a seamless and successful transition to Cribl.Cloud.

If not mutually agreed upon in writing, the start date for the Cribl.Cloud Migration Service will be within one (1) week of Cribl’s acceptance of the Customer’s purchase order for the Cribl.Cloud Migration Service. The parties will determine a suitable schedule to perform the Cribl.Cloud Migration Service after their first meeting.

Migration Scope

The Migration Scope includes the following items that will be migrated to Cribl.Cloud:

  • Sources and Destinations
  • Routes / Direct Connects
  • Packs
  • Knowledge Objects
  • Worker Groups
  • Edge Fleet Configurations
  • SAML/SSO Configurations
  • Notifications

Terms and Conditions

Cribl, or an authorized partner, will provide the services as described in this Service Brief and subject to the applicable Order Form and Subscription Services Agreement, or other applicable agreement in place between Cribl and the Customer.

Out of Scope

The following items are out of scope:

  • Modification, installation, or maintenance of customer hardware including systems and network equipment
  • Modification of customer source and destination system configurations
  • Migration of Persistent Queue data
  • Migration of more than 1 On-Premises Worker Group
  • Any services or activities other than those explicitly specified in this Service Brief

Service Expiration

The Customer has a period of ninety (90) days starting on the start date of the Cribl.Cloud Migration to schedule and utilize the Cribl.Cloud Migration Service (“Service Period”). Unless approved by Cribl, the Service will terminate automatically at the conclusion of the ninety-day period. Any unused portion of the Cribl.Cloud Migration Service is non-refundable and non-creditable. Cribl may deliver Cribl.Cloud Migration Service after the end of the Service Period if the Customer provides written notice at least thirty (30) days before the end of the Service Period and Cribl agrees to provide the Cribl.Cloud Migration Service after the end of the Service Period.


To ensure delivery of the Cribl.Cloud Migration Service as described in this Service Brief, the customer must:

  • Provide reasonable assistance
  • Provide reasonable access to, and engagement with, appropriate teams
  • Provide a Cribl Diag from the Cribl Leader node as requested
  • Provide access credentials to Cribl.Cloud tenant(s

Scheduled Meetings

Cribl may perform the services described in this Service Brief during mutually agreed upon scheduled meetings with Customer. Customer agrees to provide at least forty eight (48) hours’ prior written notice to cancel, reschedule, or otherwise change the length of a scheduled meeting. If Customer fails to provide such notice, Cribl may charge customer for the full price of the originally scheduled meeting.

Why invest in a Cribl.Cloud Migration Service?
Confidently migrate to Cribl’s cloud platform without dropping or losing data. Get custom guidance based on your organization’s specific needs and let Cribl do the heavy lifting with managing infrastructure, security, and scaling.
Benefits of Migrating to Cribl.Cloud
PS-CLOUD-MIG – $12,000

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