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Cribl Designated Support Engineer


Setting your Cribl deployment up for success is essential for ensuring your mission-critical applications run how they’re supposed to. When issues arise, you can reach out directly to your Designated Support Engineer (DSE) and they’ll help get them resolved instantly. Your DSE will also provide guidance and suggest changes and upgrades to improve how you use Cribl products. By having quick resolutions, your team will be able to spend their time and energy building rather than troubleshooting.

Your DSE will work remotely with your team over a 12-month period. Your DSE will be available to work with your team either 2 days per week or 4 days per week depending on the level of support you purchase. The DSE will be assigned to your organization, along with your Customer Success Engineer and any purchased Professional Services to support your team.

How It Works

Your Cribl DSE will provide the service activities described in the Support Scope and will be your single point of contact for support-related concerns. Due to the nature of the work, we require Customers to work with their DSE and engage their DSE with appropriate teams.

If not mutually agreed upon in writing, the start date for the Designated Support Engineer Service Brief will be within one (1) week of Cribl’s acceptance of the Customer’s purchase order for the Designated Support Engineer Service Brief. The parties will determine a suitable schedule for remote work after their first meeting.

Support Scope

Your Cribl DSE will provide the following services:

  • Work through all your support cases and connect subject specialists in any area in which the DSE does not already have expertise
  • Provide support as described in Proactive Support
  • Mitigate critical issues that may arise during the execution of mission-critical data flows
  • Accelerate time-to-resolution by establishing relationships with the Customer’s operations team and developing an extensive knowledge of the Customer’s environment, use cases, and internal processes, and workflows
  • Decrease resolution times through a direct escalation path when necessary
  • Provide root-cause analysis for high-impact cases upon request
  • Encourage regular and consistent communication between the Customer’s organization and Cribl groups, including Support, Engineering, and management, for all support requests
  • Periodic review of support tickets, including counts, trends, resolution patterns, and other relevant metrics
  • Provide advice on Cribl solutions, configurations, and health

Proactive Support

When it comes to managing complex systems and operations, it’s important not only to react quickly to issues when they arise but also to anticipate potential problems and take steps to prevent them from occurring in the first place. This is where a DSE can be particularly valuable. A DSE can provide proactive support in the following areas:

  • Give guidance on best practices and recommendations
  • Upgrade planning and release review
  • Provide performance monitoring and configuration recommendations
  • Identify skill gaps and recommend training programs to address those gaps
  • Coordinate and collaborate for systems support, version upgrades, and guidance through change control procedures

By taking these proactive measures, your DSE can help to minimize the risk of downtime, data loss, and other issues that can impact the reliability and availability of your systems.

Terms and Conditions

Cribl will provide service activities as described in this Service Brief and subject to the applicable signed services agreement between Cribl and the Customer or, if there is no such services agreement, Cribl’s Services Addendum, which is available at https://cribl.io/legal/addenda/services-addendum/. Cribl may change the Services Addendum after providing notice on the website of the changes; changes to the Services Addendum become effective as provided in the notice. Service activities subject to the Services Addendum are governed by the Services Addendum in effect on the day Cribl provides the given service.

Out of Scope

The following are out-of-scope items:

  • Modification, installation, or maintenance of customer hardware including systems and network equipment
  • Modification, installation, or maintenance of non-Cribl products or services
  • Development of custom solutions
  • Backup and recovery of the Cribl implementation
  • Daily maintenance of the Cribl implementation
  • Data migration
  • Weekend and holiday availability
  • Regular onsite visits
  • Any technical services that would constitute chargeable professional services, including without limitation “hands-on keyboard” activities, implementation work, changes to configurations, and development of packs or other software
  • Any services or activities other than those explicitly specified in this Service Brief

Service Expiration

The Customer has a period of 365 days starting from the start date of the Designated Support Engineer Service to use the DSE (“Service Period”). Unless approved by Cribl, the Service will terminate automatically at the conclusion of the 365-day period. Any unused portion of services or days under the Designated Support Engineer Service is non-refundable and non-creditable. Cribl may deliver Designated Support Engineer Service after the end of the Service Period if the Customer provides written notice at least thirty (30) days before the end of the Service Period and Cribl agrees to provide Designated services under the Support Engineer Service Brief after the end of the Service Period.


To ensure delivery of the Designated Support Engineer as described in this Service Brief, the Customer must:

  • Provide reasonable assistance to the DSE
  • Provide the DSE with reasonable access to and engagement with appropriate teams
Why invest in a Cribl Designated Support Engineer?

Get your own buddy, right-hand helper, a partner in crime — whatever you want to call it, your designated support engineer will be there by your side to help tackle your toughest technical challenges.

Cribl Designated Support Engineer PS-Designated-SE-Silver – $100,000
(2 Days per Week)
PS-Designated-SE-Gold – $200,000
(4 Days per Week)

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