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Supplemental Terms for Cribl Copilot

Last Updated: June 5, 2024

These Supplemental Terms for Cribl Copilot (“Supplemental Terms”) apply to your use and access of the Cribl Copilot chatbot and other Cribl Copilot capabilities (together, “Cribl Copilot”). The Supplemental Terms form a part of the agreement between you individually or the business entity or public agency on whose behalf you are accepting these terms (“Customer,” “you,” or “your”) and Cribl, Inc. (“Cribl,” “we,” or “us”), that governs your use of the Subscription Services, such as Cribl’s Subscription Services Agreement or a signed master subscription agreement between you and Cribl (your “Agreement”). Any capitalized term used but not defined in these Supplemental Terms has the meaning set forth in your Agreement. In the event of a conflict between these Supplemental Terms and your Agreement, these Supplemental Terms will control.

These Supplemental Terms are accepted by: (1) indicating acceptance of these terms by enabling one or all of the Cribl Copilot capabilities; or (2) accessing or using any portion of Cribl Copilot.

You represent and warrant that you: (a) are an employee, contractor, or agent of, and have the authority to represent Customer; and (b) have read and understand all the provisions of these Supplemental Terms. If Customer does not wish to accept these Supplemental Terms, or you do not have authority to bind Customer to these Supplemental Terms, then do not click or sign to accept these Supplemental Terms or access or use Cribl Copilot.

  1. Cribl Copilot.
    Cribl Copilot means the capabilities made available to you that utilize foundation models provided by OpenAI, LLC and Azure OpenAI Service (together, our “third-party service provider”).

  2. Use Restrictions
    With respect to Cribl Copilot, you will not (and will not permit others to): (a) violate the terms of your Agreement or these Supplemental Terms; (b) access Cribl Copilot to build a competitive product or service, including foundation models or other large scale models; (c) violate our third-party service provider policies, including, without limitation, the Code of Conduct for Azure OpenAI Service, Usage Policies, and Sharing and Publication Policy; (d) engage in any use of Cribl Copilot that is prohibited or considered “high-risk” under the EU AI Act or any other applicable Law; or (e) attempt to use Cribl Copilot to process “sensitive information”. Sensitive information includes, but is not limited to: (i) health information subject to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 or similar regulations; (ii) biometric identifiers; (iii) government issued personal identifiers; (iv) information under regulatory or contractual handling requirements (e.g., Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards); or (v) other similar “sensitive data” under applicable data protection laws.

  3. Input and Output
    You may provide or make available prompts, data, text, or other queries to be processed by Cribl Copilot (“Input”), and receive data generated and returned by Cribl Copilot based on the Input (“Output”). Input and Output are Customer Data. Your Input and Output must not: (a) violate any privacy rights or applicable Law; or (b) infringe, violate, or misappropriate any IPR.

  4. Limitations
    Output generated by Cribl Copilot may be incorrect or inaccurate. All Output produced by Cribl Copilot should be carefully reviewed and vetted before use.

  5. Privacy and Improving Cribl Copilot.
    By accessing Cribl Copilot, you acknowledge that your Input may be shared with our third-party service provider, and that Cribl may use your Input to improve Cribl Copilot. For clarity, Cribl does not use, or permit others to use, Input to train foundation models used to provide Cribl Copilot.

    By enabling Cribl Copilot, you understand that your Customer Data is collected and used as described in Cribl’s Privacy Policy.

  6. Service Levels
    Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in your Agreement, Cribl does not make any warranty regarding the availability or uptime of Cribl Copilot.

  7. Modifications
    Occasionally, we may need to add, update, or remove service terms to reflect our current product offerings, so please review this page periodically.

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