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Take Control of Your Data

Reduce management overhead, with a robust and easy-to-use GUI-based configuration and testing interface.

The Challenge

Data is growing year over year, and at the same time companies are trying to analyze new sources of data to get a complete picture of their IT and Security environments. They need the flexibility to get data into multiple tools from multiple sources but don’t want to add a lot of new infrastructure and agents.

The Solution

As your goals evolve, LogStream gives you the freedom to make new choices including new tools and destinations. LogStream helps you get the data you want, in the formats you need, to wherever you want to go.

Benefits of Data Control


Route to the best tool for the job. Let different teams choose the tools and data they need to do their job.

Cost Control

Route the most valuable data to more expensive tools, send the rest to the most cost-effective destinations like object storage.


Work with the data you already have - no need to deploy new agents and forwarders to get the same data to new locations in the right formats.