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Cribl Releases Product Enhancements Across Portfolio to Simplify and Personalize All Observability Data

Self-service tools and increased customization enable more users to get even more data and insights on-demand

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — March 21, 2023Cribl, the leader in enabling open observability, today announced enhancements to the entire Cribl product suite to simplify and personalize all observability data, making it easier for different stakeholders within the enterprise to get data and insights tailored to their unique needs on-demand. These new features open up the power of observability data to a broader set of users via self-service tools while enabling administrators to deliver maximum value to all teams throughout the organization with minimal effort.

“With enterprise telemetry data, value is in the eye of the beholder. Different stakeholders, each with their own unique data visualization needs, have struggled to quickly find and shape the data they need to achieve success,” said Cribl Co-Founder and CEO Clint Sharp. “With this newest release we make it simple for our admins to centralize and control data ingestion, and then enable tooling stakeholders to select which approved data streams are interesting to them and empower them to shape and transform the data to suit their environments.”

Bringing Self-Service to the User

Today, Cribl announced Stream Projects, a self-service model that allows a variety of users to securely access any observability data without requiring new agents or changes at the data sources. With Cribl Stream at the core of an enterprise’s observability architecture, administrators already have complete control over their observability data. Stream Projects adds to this control by enabling administrators to simply set up projects based on department need and shape the data in that project to be optimized for a particular use, allowing new users to subscribe only to the data that is important to them. Available in Summer 2023, this self-service model reduces dependency on the administrator to onboard more users and tools, and reduces the time-to-value for the user.

Cribl is also re-launching Cribl Curious in March, a self-service tool where users can find answers to questions asked and answered by the community. Cribl Curious takes the most frequent user questions and makes them easily searchable for current and new users. The new Cribl Curious also supports user group capabilities to get users together in real life at local meetups. Cribl’s Slack community will continue to be a resource for more complex questions and a place for users to engage with each other and the Cribl team.

Additional Product Enhancements

  • Cribl Stream 4.1 – In addition to Stream Projects, Cribl Stream now features support for Open Telemetry solutions, the ability to log in to Cribl using an Identity Provider of choice (Okta, Azure AD, etc.), enhancements to WEF Collector, and new Cribl Search destination.
  • Cribl Edge 4.1 – New features include expanded container support, new journal support, Windows enhancements, and deep visibility into how Edge nodes are operating at fleet/sub-fleet level.
  • Cribl Search – Cribl Search now features query target expansion, support for searching and exploring data and then forwarding it via Cribl Stream to any destination, and an improved user experience featuring expanded operators/functions, client-side preview, and results shaping and performance enhancements.
  • Cribl.Cloud – Users now have the ability to assign many users to owner-role privileges, create additional Cloud Worker Groups, and securely drive Cribl Stream and Cribl Edge through code using APIs.

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Cribl, the Data Engine for IT and Security, empowers organizations to transform their data strategy. Customers use Cribl’s vendor-agnostic solutions to analyze, collect, process, and route all IT and security data from any source or to any destination, delivering the choice, control, and flexibility required to adapt to their ever-changing needs. Cribl’s product suite, which is used by Fortune 1000 companies globally, is purpose-built for IT and Security, including Cribl Stream, the industry’s leading observability pipeline, Cribl Edge, an intelligent vendor-neutral agent, Cribl Search, the industry’s first search-in-place solution, and Cribl Lake, a turnkey data lake. Founded in 2018, Cribl is a remote-first workforce with an office in San Francisco, CA.

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