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Cribl Announces General Availability of Cribl Search and Expands Observability Innovations

Newest product enhancements combine to allow enterprises to unlock the value of all observability data and enable faster ROI for security and IT teams

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — November 9, 2022Cribl, the leader in enabling open observability, today announced a series of advancements in the Cribl Suite that add unprecedented visibility and access to data across the entire enterprise, removing blind spots for security and IT teams to drive value faster. Now generally available, Cribl Search is the industry’s first search-in-place query tool, allowing enterprises to increase the scope of analysis without requiring the cost or complexity of first shipping, ingesting, and storing the data. In addition, the Cribl Suite now features a streamlined user experience across all products and fleet management enhancements to simplify management of tens of thousands of distributed sources.

Purposely designed for an increasingly hybrid and multi-cloud world, Cribl Stream and Cribl Edge are the building blocks for the modern observability pipeline. Cribl Search adds to this suite by giving customers the ability to analyze greater quantities of data faster, advancing beyond the legacy model of moving data before it can be analyzed. With Cribl Search, enterprises can identify and extract value from all telemetry data ––whether at the point of origin or in low-cost object stores and no matter how much is produced by the source, all while avoiding additional ingestion and storage costs.

“Data comes in many different forms, goes to many different destinations, and security and IT teams are handcuffed by the cost and complexity needed to centralize all of their data before they even know what’s useful,” said Cribl CEO and Co-Founder Clint Sharp. “As we continue to build out our observability suite —and chart the course of the entire category —we’re excited to get Cribl Search into the hands of our customers so they can have the control to decide what data they need, when they need it, and allow them to unlock the value without packing and shipping it first.”

“As we evolve our approaches to get value from our ever-growing volumes of data, the rapid innovation across the Cribl portfolio allows us to standardize on Cribl as our observability architecture,” said Frank Wise, VP of Engineering, Infrastructure & IT Ops at iHerb. “Cribl’s latest product ––Cribl Search ––gives usthe ability to search data at the edge for better visibility and at rest in S3 or other object stores to make rapid decisions on what data to send where for different consumers. Cribl Search changes the way we analyze, route and store data to get the greatest impact for the business while keeping a handle on the growing cost of managing data.”

Additional product enhancements:

  • Cribl Stream 4.0 – Cribl Stream now features additional analysis and troubleshooting capabilities with Pipeline Profiling & DB collector enhancements.
  • Cribl Edge 4.0 – Cribl Edge now offers increased ability to collect and process edge data at scale, and new AppScope/Edge integration.
  • Unified Cribl Suite UI – Single, streamlined interface for Cribl Stream, Cribl Edge, and Cribl Search for easier usability and manageability.

“IT organizations often use log analytics and search products; some of these solutions manage data with a forward then search model, as compared to search then forward,” said Stephen Elliot, group vice president at IDC. “If companies can identify valuable data before forwarding it to systems for analysis, this has the potential to alter how companies get value from their observability data and increase the effectiveness of security operations.”

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Cribl makes open observability a reality for today’s tech professionals. The Cribl product suite defies data gravity with radical levels of choice and control. Wherever the data comes from, wherever it needs to go, Cribl delivers the freedom and flexibility to make choices, not compromises. It’s enterprise software that doesn’t suck, enables tech professionals to do what they need to do, and gives them the ability to say “Yes.” With Cribl, companies have the power to control their data, get more out of existing investments, and shape the future of IT and Security data. Founded in 2018, Cribl is committed to being the data company for IT and Security with a remote-first workforce and an office in San Francisco, CA. For more information, visit www.cribl.io or our LinkedIn, Twitter, or Slack community.

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