Cribl: Observing the Right Trend

We have just, today, announced a Series C investment in Cribl, and we are excited to share the news. Cribl is made up of a world-class group of people who are focused on making control and flexibility a possibility for observability teams, removing the trade-offs between storing/analyzing more data vs. spending more time/money. If cost were no object, most teams would store more data.

Cribl provides an ‘observability pipeline’ built to route security and machine data to where it has the most value to a business. With Cribl you can reshape, reduce, or route data so that you remain compliant and get the insights you need in the most cost effective way possible. With data volumes mounting, data sources expanding, and logging systems at capacity, enterprises like TransUnion and Shutterfly figured out that with Cribl, there is a better way.

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