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Gigamon and Cribl Announce Technology Integration that Delivers Comprehensive Intelligence to a Full Range of Security and Monitoring Tools

Powerful combination formats and delivers telemetry intelligence to match how tools ingest data, reducing the complexity of manually mapping data flows between the network and individual tools

SANTA CLARA, CA — March 26, 2024Gigamon, a leading deep observability company, and Cribl, the Data Engine for IT and Security, today announced the companies have completed an integration between the Gigamon GigaVUE Cloud Suite™ and Cribl Stream, enabling organizations to transform data strategies by formatting and delivering telemetry intelligence in accordance with how each tool ingests data. Through this integration, Cribl can now bring network telemetry from Gigamon into Cribl Stream, providing joint customers with deep observability across hybrid cloud infrastructure, dramatically extending the value of existing tool investments.

Today, organizations are faced with a daunting task of securing and monitoring increasingly complex infrastructure that spans private and public cloud, virtual, container, and IoT/OT instances – all amid a continuously evolving threat landscape. Gigamon offers a Deep Observability Pipeline, with GigaVUE Cloud Suite at its core, that brings deep observability into traffic traversing hybrid cloud infrastructure, delivering greater security and performance optimization. Equally important is the ability to deliver network telemetry and extracted metadata that provides unprecedented visibility into lateral East-West application traffic, a persistent blind spot and increasing security challenge for organizations.

Powered by a data processing engine purpose-built for IT and Security, Cribl’s vendor-agnostic data management solution enables security and IT Ops teams to accelerate threat detection and incident response with seamless access to telemetry data from various sources that provides the ability to enrich data before it lands in security tools, route data to the preferred threat hunting tools, and recover faster from incidents with low-cost object storage and replay capabilities. Cribl Search, the industry’s first search-in-place solution, enables security teams to locate application data regardless of where it’s stored. IT teams can now search data in place or in motion to hunt threats more efficiently and correlate relevant data to reduce the threat surface and lower risk.

“Today, there are way more data sources than ever before, some generate particularly high volumes of data, and all our customers now send data to multiple destinations,” said Ryan Morris, president at Blackwood. “Bringing industry leading solutions from Cribl and Gigamon together enables us to deliver the most pervasive view of infrastructure available today and the deep observability customers require to better secure the hybrid cloud. This is huge a win for customers in pursuit of active threat hunting use cases with a budget that doesn’t necessarily grow in alignment with their ever-increasing data volumes.”

Amplifying the Power of Security and Monitoring Tools
By integrating network-derived intelligence, including application metadata, from Gigamon GigaVUE Cloud Suite into Cribl Stream, joint customers now have access to a streamlined approach to monitor and secure hybrid cloud infrastructure that seamlessly collects, routes, optimizes, and transforms the value of their data. Bringing actionable network intelligence from Gigamon solutions into Cribl reduces the complexity of mapping data flows between the network and individual tools, allowing organizations to focus on monitoring and securing hybrid cloud infrastructure while worrying less about blind spots or the complexities of delivering intelligence to their tools.

“This new integration enables our joint customers to attain the highest level of choice, control, and flexibility to gain the most value out of their network infrastructure data,” said Vlad Melnik, vice president, Business Development, Alliances at Cribl. “Our vendor-agnostic approach means that joint customers can easily extract network-derived intelligence from Gigamon, delivering more insights and eliminating blind spots across the threat landscape.”

“Cribl is very much aligned with Gigamon as they truly understand the challenges customers face in securing and managing hybrid cloud infrastructure with just the visibility of log data,” said Srinivas Chakravarty, vice president of Cloud Ecosystem at Gigamon. “By bringing network and system telemetry together, we can help our mutual customers get any data in any format to any destination in the network they require. Bottom line, Gigamon is bringing a new – and critical — data source to Cribl.”

To learn more about the Gigamon and Cribl partnership, read the blog.

About Gigamon
Gigamon® offers a deep observability pipeline that efficiently delivers network-derived intelligence to cloud, security, and observability tools. This helps eliminate security blind spots and reduce tool costs, enabling you to better secure and manage your hybrid cloud infrastructure. Gigamon serves more than 4,000 customers worldwide, including over 80 percent of Fortune 100 enterprises, 9 of the 10 largest mobile network providers, and hundreds of governments and educational organizations worldwide. To learn more, please visit gigamon.com.



About Cribl

Cribl, the Data Engine for IT and Security, empowers organizations to transform their data strategy. Customers use Cribl’s vendor-agnostic solutions to analyze, collect, process, and route all IT and security data from any source or to any destination, delivering the choice, control, and flexibility required to adapt to their ever-changing needs. Cribl’s product suite, which is used by Fortune 1000 companies globally, is purpose-built for IT and Security, including Cribl Stream, the industry’s leading observability pipeline, Cribl Edge, an intelligent vendor-neutral agent, Cribl Search, the industry’s first search-in-place solution, and Cribl Lake, a turnkey data lake. Founded in 2018, Cribl is a remote-first workforce with an office in San Francisco, CA.

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